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10-03-2013, 01:56 PM
All I can say, is I'll be home in about 2 hours. If u are on, look for king in the organized PvP channel. Then u can show me how your going to carve me into little pieces since my shield cap sucks. I'll even fly my Vulcan ship for ya
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10-03-2013, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
1) Virus, you and your math are amazing. In fact it was your comment on the total number of mods on each STF set in another thread that got this baby rolling.
Meh, I can only do simple math. I still need somebody to fix that monstrosity of an equation for determining total damage resistance while taking into account debuffs as well...meh.

As for the Mods though, yeah - that's where I would personally adjust the Assimilated set - based on the shields - and take it from there.

Omega - [Cap]x3[Reg][PlaRes]
KHG - [Cap]x4[PlaRes]
MACO - [Cap]x3[ResC][PlaRes] (Where [ResC] is a made up mod reflecting the additional -10% Energy Damage.)
Assimilated - [Reg]x2.5[PlaRes-Lite]

A Mk XII Borg Shield costs:
900 Omega Marks Omega Marks
32,500 Refined Dilithium
64,000 Expertise
100 Shield Generators
75 Industrial Energy Cells
5 Borg Neural Processors

A Mk XII KHG Shield costs:
1000 Omega Marks
34,000 Refined Dilithium
64,000 Expertise
100 Shield Generators
75 Industrial Energy Cells
10 Borg Neural Processors

For a difference of -100 Omega Marks, -1500 Dilithium, and -5 BNPs...well...not only are you getting the fewer mods, but you're also getting PlaRes-Lite!

It's a case of saying that if you're at that point of investment, why not invest an additional 100 Omega Marks, 1500 Dilithium, and 5 BNPs for a better Assimilated shield? Buff the shield, buff the deflector, buff the engines to bring them in line with the other STF gear...and yes, each piece would cost the same as the other gear. But again, when you're dropping out that much already - a little more - for better....

At that point, yeah - folks could easily carry on arguing about those different sets. Right now though, it's like comparing Gala to Honeycrisp for making applesauce...
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10-03-2013, 02:18 PM
The borg shield should have built in adapt. It is borg after all. It should also have double the amount of regen by being able to regen every 3 seconds instead of 6, and keep the current amount the same per proc.

doing this will improve both viability and survivability of the ship using the full set.

Also, last time I checked...i never saw a borg tractor beam fail unless u took out the emitter...and every borg tractor beam ive seen is supposed to completely drain shields off its target...so why the nerfed version in the set?

apply these improvements, and the set will become viable again as an end game 3 piece set

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