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A look at the early version of Storming the Spire and the Voth (and the inside of the Dyson Sphere). Enjoy.
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10-03-2013, 08:28 AM
Excellent video as always. Clear, concise and intelligent commentary that's rather enlightening in regard to this Voth STF.

Since I can't test "Storming the Spire" due to no longer being a subby, I'm going to have to base my impressions on the few vids I've seen. I was actually seriously thinking about resubbing (because a fool and his ten pounds are easily parted), but given the low server population I decided against it.

Anyway impressions:-
1) Kinetic damage looks to be a requirement here, what with all the aceton powers and drones. I'm thankful I recently respecced all my toons into it.
2) The exploding frigate decoys are probably to deter escorts from getting their DHCs upclose. Might actually mean broadsiding cruisers are better off facing them, since range makes less of a difference on beams.
3) I've noticed in a few videos the troop transports (the Excelsior and the Kamarag classes) dying from the turrets exploding due to their shield facing being down. Could prove a bit annoying.
4) The Attack Pattern Delta you mentioned does seem to be having some considerable effect in decreasing the incoming damage. This isn't a complaint cryptic, merely an observation. On the contrary, I consider this a positive.
5) Energy drains will probably make plasmonic leech rather attractive here (again, not a complaint in any way).
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10-03-2013, 09:05 AM
Hey Yusral, Great vid, I always appreciate these as I am now at uni and I can't afford to test on tribble any more so these give me a great heads up.

This really does emphasise the need for kinetic damage now, and I do have a theory that this will lead us into the Iconian arc as they also use Anti-proton weapons so this could be a warm-up for the federation and Romulans as they don't have to face up to AP weapons unlike the KDF who do in the Shrimp ark.

Thanks once again Yusral and keep the vids coming.
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10-03-2013, 09:15 AM
Looks like beams and broadsiding will be better for some of this due to covering an effective 18km area easily rather than the 8km effective of DBBss and cannons.

Packing a torp for the aceton drones looks like a must too.

Also looks like some people will need to get it into their heads that tactical team can be applied to allies. This will distribute your troop transports shields keeping them alive. Other support abilities might be useful but I still think DPS is best rule will still apply.

I think it would make for a more varied design if crowd control or debuffing was NEEDED and thus either a science ship or dedicating science boff abilities on an escort/destroyer/hybrid to non heals was needed. Some or a lot of people will rage about it but there are too many missions where "dps: apply liberally and often" is the rule to success.

Essentially I will be testing this myself and seeing what effect scramble sensors and other things have on these ships. If they are highly resistant then I will be asking for a re-tuning.
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10-03-2013, 05:23 PM
Excellent video as always . well done :-) .

I'm liking what cryptic's trying to do with the voth in that new stf , Season 8 is looking like it might be rather fun . An good gods that voth battleship is huge ... when a scim looks tiny in comparison , wow .

I could see a couple escourt torp boat builds being rather in demand for that stf .

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