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I see the text of this guy's ability shows up on the tool tip for warp core activated abilities (which are kinda like reusable mini-batteries I guess). I couldn't tell if he actually kicked in when using it. Any one tested this?

Further poking around shows the DOff text also shows up on Enhanced Plasma Manifold and Enhanced Induction Coils. Again, I didn't see any effect when activating them, but not even sure what to look for on them, do they count as one battery type or both?
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10-11-2013, 02:52 AM
Apparently no one knows so I spent some time testing stuff using Kazan , an Enhanced Induction Coils console and a very rare WCap warp core.

Kazan treats the Wcap warp core just like a weapons battery, as I had expected from the tool tip.

Kazan treats the Enh Ind Coils as a Red Matter Capacitor, giving an additional +5 power to all systems. That I did not expect at all.

While I was fiddling with stuff, yes, EPS Manifold Efficiency trait also sees both warp cores and the coils console as batteries as well, giving an additional +10 to all systems.

I wanted to try the battery cooldown doff on these as well, but didn't have one on hand.

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