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10-04-2013, 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
So, at what point will Cryptic have done enough for you?

As a primarily KDF player , I am pretty happy at the moment. Not disenchanted at all.

Stahl promised us that he cared about getting Leveling content in the game so we could have KDF characters from Level 1. He talked about how it was important to him.
He endured mountains of crap and smack talk from the community for a long time, and when they both had the time and money to get it done. They did. It's pretty well known that the EP (Stahl) worked overtime hours just to get it done.

The original thread was about "DIRE need" of content and Dev attention.

So, the new episodes obviously don't count as content for you.
And the fact that the EP worked overtime , 6 days a week to provide the content doesn't show any DEV attention for you.

Please, explain why I should still be "disenchanted" (I never was), with the game?

Is it because they (the company/cryptic) set priorities based on what is going to keep them making money and therefore still have a game they can work on, and those priorities don't match what you think should be going on ? If so, http://crypticstudios.com/openings.

Please apply, get on the team, and see how many of your priorities and ideas make it to the top of the "To Do" list.

I am asking honestly here.
Why should I be "Disenchanted" ?
As a comment to this I'd like to say I'm not discenchanted so much as Ever-Hopeful. The Klingon faction is ripe and pregnant with so many great things that could be fleshed out and expanded. I think most of us are just hopeful they press it forward a bit. In all honestly theres' some things I wishthey did more Fed side. Like rethinking Science vessels, or making Andoria come alive, How about putting Tellar Prime on the map? What about the systems with a few of the other important races like the Benzites, Bolians or Betazeds (Sorry I wanted to be alliterative). I think a lot of us aren't filled with vitriol so much as hope, or in some cases frustration with certain things. This is the FORUM for that

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