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Not sure where else to post this, but this is in regards to sound effects. It would be pretty immersive to be able to hear orders being given on the bridge and/or comm chatter amongst team mates when certain abilities are triggered, or perhaps just randomly.

I'm using Star Trek: First Contact as a reference, when the fleet engages the Borg cube in the beginning and you can hear the comm chatter.

Triggers could be when team mates trigger certain class-only abilities, or are near death/exploding. Likewise, "internal" chatter like you would hear on your ship's bridge could be triggering attack patterns, emergency power to X, and other bridge officer abilities. When the ship goes to red alert, it would be nice to hear my bridge officers verbally order the ship to battlestations.

Just a thought. I think it would be pretty cool to implement something like this down the road.

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