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Dear Liberty Task Force Members, Allies, and Potential Members,

What an exciting time to be part of Liberty Task Force. We have officially completed all projects on our Dilithium Mine www.libertytaskforce.com/progression. Now all we have left to do is reach Starbase Tier V. This fleet has done so much and gone so far in only 5 months thanks to the dedication and hard work of all its members. We are Starbase builders, something in our members just propels them to be the best and for that I am thankful.

We are a serious community based fleet and working harder to become an even closer knit-family of gamers. In the past 5 months I feel I have made some great online friends that I actually look forward to coming home from work and playing a great MMO with. Visit our very active website at www.libertytaskforce.com to learn more about us. Feel free to browse part of the forums open to the public and also visit www.libertytaskforce.com/aboutus to learn of our mission.

We're just a fun fleet, with many new ideas, events, activities, and features planned for the near future. If you're looking for an STO fleet where your opinion matters and your voice can be heard, give us a try and make us your home.

We do help members level up, gear up, and learn the ins and outs of the game. We hold fleet events and activities where in-game prizes like Master Keys, Fleet Ship Modules, Lock Box ships, etc. were prized off. We are an 18+ age fleet where ranking is based on contributions to the fleet.

We have a lot members on at the same time almost all the time. We have members from all over the world, though English is our main language on our chats/forums/TeamSpeak 3. If you have any further questions feel free to e-mail me directly at Info@LibertyTaskForce.com and friend me in-game at Grayfox@GrayfoxJames as well.

Thank you for reading and considering us as your fleet of choice. Take care and hope you join.

Best Regards,

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