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I missed last months, being Septembers stipend. I think i also missed out on August. Since i got my LTS i have rarely gotten my stipend. As of now, i have lost almost a years worth. I have only received a total of roughly 6 months worth, there abouts.
Everytime i submit a ticket, i get an automated garbage message saying "you have received this months stipend and it is working as intended, please send feedback to forums"
What is the point of posting here on the forums if a ticket isn't being listened too?

Anyway, here are some suggestions to make the stipend possibly work "AS INTENDED"

1/ instead of this automated garbage we have now where us PAYING customers have no confirmation what so ever, how about sending the stipend's to out WALLETS in our account, that way, there is PROOF that we have received it or not received it! Do it in a way like the purchase of ZEN is done, where there is a time and date stamp on it saying WHEN it was sent to our wallet, and HOW MUCH was sent to our wallet.
This suggestion would be the most important you people at PWE could possibly do, cause to be frank here, i'm sick of being shafted by you at PWE. EVERY time i get told the same thing.

2/ ON TOP of doing the above, send automated messages to our email notifying us that this months stipend has been applied to our account, and also saying, something like"please login to your account and go to your wallet to make sure and to transfer it to star trek online"

3/ A purchase history tab in the C-Store in-game would also be benefical cause then we could keep track of ALL our purchases EVER made in the game, just like we can see what we have EVER purchased in the dilithium exchange.

4/ Once we have transfered our stipend to in-game, when we log into STO, and game loads up after selecting a toon to play on, we get a in-game email saying "your stipend is being applied to your account, please go to C-Store to make sure"
We then check C-Store balance to see if this is true or false.

These things i think can make a HUGE difference rather then people like me, getting automated BS messages and making us even more furious. i have spoken to several people about this FLAWED system and they are not happy either.
So PLEASE PWE, stop shafting us, and fix this FLAWED system!

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