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# 1 Haakona or D?Deridex Retrofit?
10-08-2013, 04:32 PM
My first intention was to fly only modern ships (like my fed flies the Armitage and Regent) and no retrofits so i wanted to get the Haakona. But then i saw the stats: 500 ZEN more but 500 Hullpoints less, Better Engineering if used in the universal but less Science and Tactical or Superior tactical if used in Universal slot but moderate engineering. Same turnrate and number of weapon slots. So to those who fly D?Deridex and Haakona are they worth it? Which one is better
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# 2
10-08-2013, 05:11 PM
Not much help, since I use the Fleet D'Deridex.

I suppose it comes down to what you consider 'better'. The Ha'apax is bigger, and has the ability to detach a vector similar to the Prometheus. Meaning you can either pilot the bigger part or the smaller part. Doing either increases your maneuverability -- the downside is like anything else... the other half of the ship uses Cryptic's pet AI, so take that for what you will.

The D'Deridex has the phase cloak console, which makes you more or less invincible for several seconds. I tend to use it when Grace Under Fire is on cooldown, aka it's my panic button for when my panic button doesn't work.

You can't fire while phase cloaked, but you do resist 90% of all energy damage, are immune to kinetic damage, and it acts as a No Clip mode for other ships -- meaning you can simply fly through that Scimitar or Odyssey on your team without colliding with them. You also become a bit more maneuverable.

I also use the singularity projectile from the D'Deridex 'upgrade' at Captain-level for the set bonus, and because singularity projectile is a very useful tool to have since it can bunch enemies together and pulls them away -- which goes without saying extremely useful on missions that require a bunch of enemies to be 8km backwards from where they originally were, or for landing a sweet AoE attack.

The set bonus further produces +10 power to engines and lets you turn a bit faster.

I can't speak for the Retrofit version's usefulness, but my Fleet D'Deridex is a dream come true. I may buy the Fleet Ha'apax when I'm bored one day just to try it out, but the D'Deridex is an iconic ship, it's just plain beautiful -- and given the right gear and bridge officer skills it can be invaluable to any team.  39147
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# 3
10-08-2013, 09:02 PM
Well, if you want to fly only "modern ships" and don't want the Haakona, you could always opt to get both the D'D Retrofit and the D'D Refit (the Dridthau), which has an updated visual design.

Anyway, I'm flying a Haakona now as a cannon boat (currently too lazy to get the beams I want), and I enjoy splitting into the "assault command" mode for extra maneuverability and a "free" pet. The advantage of Haakona's split-vector is that whichever "half" of the ship you don't fly gains new abilities. So commanding the assault portion gets you a free pet with science powers like Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength. It's not much, but it's actually saved my life a couple of times.

As to the D'D, making it effective with standard Romulan hit-and-fade tactics may take a little bit of doing, but as Iconians says it can be a real beast with the right strategy, and probably has one of the more useful 2-piece special console sets for owning both the retrofit and refit.
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# 4
10-08-2013, 10:45 PM
I've been toying with a D'D setup that uses A2B. Hit and run? What's that? I run up my power levels to whatever insane degree I can and spam FaW until everything near me dies. It's worked pretty well in CC. I've gotten first multiple times. Not sure how well it'd work in PvP or STFs, but vs most PvE it's overkill.

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# 5
10-09-2013, 12:30 AM
Both ships give alot of leeway in play, but in different ways.

The D'Deridex has, at the bare minimum, LtCdr in all 3 BOFF disciplines. Very few ships in the game provide that kind of strength in all 3 at the same time. The beauty with the D'Deridex is that the Cmdr ENG station can greatly enhance defense or the TAC & SCI aspects of the ship.

The Double-D is one of the few ships where you can hit someone with good ranking abilities in all 3 BOFF disciplines at the same time.

The Haakona? The Haakona gives you some good flexiblity with the LtCdr Universal, but the Console layout reinforces either ENG or TAC, but SCI is not out of the question, esp. with the SCI abilities that don't care for SCI Console boosts. Still, though it is as diverse in BOFF skills slots as the D'Deridex, it does not give you higher tiers in all 3 (TAC, ENG, SCI) that the D'Deridex does. However, what makes the Haakona special is the Dual Vector Console. By default, the Haakona is very slow, but quite tough. But going into Guardian mode boosts Aux, which, if you slotted a LtCdr Universal, it turns the Haakona into a Sci Vessel of sorts. In Assault mode, you basically will turn the Haakona into an Escort or "Battlecruiser" of sorts, depending if you use the LtCdr Universal for TAC or ENG (depends on what abilities you put for ENG to boost offensive power). The fixed BOFF stations will support you well regardless of what direction you go. Both modes also boost speed and turn rates, but most esp. so in Assault Mode. The Dual Vector Console allows Haakona users to greatly change how the ship plays, right then and there, without moving gear around, respeccing, changing BOFFs, etc. Dual Vector actually makes a far greater impact on varying the ships' gameplay than the Fed MVAE's Multi Vector Console.

Either way, having the D'Deridex retrofit gives cheaper access to the Fleet version. The Haakona will make the Fleet Ha'apax cheaper.

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# 6
10-09-2013, 12:36 AM
Just a small fyi with the separation console - you can't use warp shadows while the ship's separated.

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