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# 1 Add Class change or....
10-10-2013, 10:09 PM
I think either class change or this needs to be added to the c store.

the ability to swap lv 50 characters like they switched empires, and only empires, as if they were allowed to take each others places and switch all items and possesions like it was a character swap. Then you pay 250-500 zen and switch them around. Then you might get rid of the complicated nature of going through any class change mechanics and just swap preexisting ones. Plus make people work to get it. It could require a diplo level in doff exp or something also. It's a diplomatic or like exhange. But permanent! Then just make a way to take care of stuff invonvling fleets etc. Like a system that says they are going to swap and let them decide what to do with choices. Like accept them in at low level, accept them at current and same stats and levels, or reject them, or let me decide for custom, etc.

This will also get people to play and level multiple characters across empires!

Call it something like "A "day" in the life?!" and give it some other titles like Empire/Cultural exchange program. Even make it so they have to get so much Exp towards another empires missons somehow after you have started, or have high enough in a certain are to, per say, let your empire let you move to the other side.

Maybe a restarting of what Warf took part in, or a new version of it. But allow new people to go through it now.

The people switching would have their old class. And also keep their old looks etc if desired. But could even swap and use the saved stuff from the odl charcter. Maybe make it the decision of the player to decide if they want to save or mingle their saved uniforms. Not the ones in the uniform slots but the actual saved ones attached to the character. The could gain both so they can dress in each others uniforms etc or however they wished upon swapping.

And they would have to change ships keep the items the other charcter acquired and not fly or use your old stuff.. Flying the other empires stuff would be part of teh course. But what that character worked for would be accesible to that new character as if he were that new empire.

Basically a swaping of just the charcter and the most immediate superficial things! And the leaving of only the things that he gained from experience that apply!

This could also be done between accounts or just within accounts.... I would say atleast within accounts.

Part of the new program could be that it is high level officers so there is less likely hood of problems. And allows some intermingling of empires etc from an RP standpoing!

Characters shoudl keep anything attached to them like rep etc. Except where absolutely necesary. They could not take ships or equipment though. But none of equipment or progress related to those items should be lost!

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