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# 1 Spambar Troubles
10-12-2013, 08:21 AM
I'm not sure if its my non-existent programming skills, but I seem to have broken my spambar.

I built a bindfile that when loaded would bind this to Spacebar:

Space "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireAll$$+trayExecBytray 6 0$$+trayexecbytray 6 1$$+trayexecbytray 6 2$$+trayexecbytray 6 3$$+trayexecbytray 6 4$$+trayexecbytray 6 5$$+trayexecbytray 6 6$$+trayexecbytray 6 7$$+trayexecbytray 6 8$$+trayexecbytray 6 9$$+trayExecBytray 7 0$$+trayExecBytray 7 1$$+trayExecBytray 7 2$$+trayExecBytray 7 3$$+trayExecBytray 7 4$$+trayExecBytray 7 5$$+trayExecBytray 7 6$$+trayExecBytray 7 7$$+trayExecBytray 7 8$$+trayExecBytray 7 9$$+power_exec Distribute_Shields"

However, I've not seen any of my Row 8 skills fire off (row 7 and weapons fire as normal). And I think the spacebar stopped distributing shields too.

Is there something wrong with my coding?
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To be able to smile and forgive everything;
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