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01-06-2010, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by Capt.kukulcan View Post
Yeah Im actually into PVP aswell but there are some concepts "shelved for the future" which are a pity to me, genesis was good not just for PVE but for the trek feel to it, you get bored doing missions or PVP you could just go ahead and explore to find "new resources" or new lifeforms and the best of all wasn't meant to be a player tool or in-game tool as people misunderstand it.

The genesis engine was suppose to work like this, X number of star systems are created daily for players to explore each holding Y number of missions and Z number of new species and resources (randomized from avatar creator), the most visited star systems became permanent in the MAP and the rest deleted.

This would happen daily, besides PVP and PVE this was an original idea in my opinion.
I agree, PvP would be good every so often between exploring or missions. But PvP's been getting a lot of attention, and with not even a month to go I'd like to hear more about what sets STO apart from other MMO's, not details on what most other games rely on between missions. I don't know about a lot of other players, but I'm not the type who can PvP Call of Duty 4 all night and be happy... there's a point where you've won so many times its not even fun anymore, even with sore losers talking smack on their mics.

Worst case scenario is that at launch STO will be a "standard MMO" and would eventually become the MMO fans have been wanting for years. Since I haven't played yet I don't want to comment further, I'll wait till open beta for that. Still, when talking about the Federation, I'd like to hear about more than combat.

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