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Dear Cryptic;

I am writing this as a formal complaint about an STF called "Hive Onslaught (Elite)", Me and many other players believe that the overall STF needs a complete overhaul in how it spans out though out the mission.

The first part of the mission is fine, it's just the part where we have to fight the lance weapons is when things go from fun to absolute brokenness in an instant.

This part does not work at all for these reasons:

-the lance weapons fire these slow moving plasma blots which can do 100000 damage insta-killing anything it hits.

-The cannons fire regardless of whenever you manage to get within 5km of the guns in time before they fully charge.

And if we somehow manage to get pass that part, the Hive Queen does way too much damage for her own good.

If this STF is to work there are going to have to be some changes;

-Get rid of the slow plasma bolt of death altogether OR re-do it so that it doesn't do 100000 damage but instead make it 8000 damage with and ability to put all powers on cooldown for 15seconds.

-fix the Lance weapons so that they have a reasonably small firing arc and ether cancels it's charge up if there are no players in their arc or to pick a different target if the is one.

-Lower the Hive Queen's damage output and crit' chance enough so that she can be a challenge but not able to take out everyone with ease.

I hope you'll read this and fix the STF as soon as possible.

With hopeful confidence, MarcThe000001

P.S: I wrote this complain in the forums so that people who have had the same problem can also address this too.

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