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I am aware there have already been threads on this topic, but apparently the devs are completely happy with this bugged and broken system and see no need to even acknowledge an issue.

So apparently it needs to be said again, until it gets fixed.

Since your last change to the the ingame mail, it has become utterly impossible to retrieve items from the mail.
I have 20 toons, all of them quite active, selling all that i find on the exchange. the resulting flood of eschange mails makes it impossible to retrieve returned unsold items.

Im down to less than 30 auction slots on some toons (meaning 10 or more items are in the mail) but i cant retrieve them since i cant reach them in the mail.

The mail window only shows me mail from 2011 and no matter how many thousand (not an exaggeration sadly) i delete its impossible to reach the mails containing the items.

Why cant the mail system show only the most current maisl ? that would make sense, and i could recover returned stuff as it shows up.

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