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10-13-2013, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by furiontassadar View Post
What does it mean when you can't even get nettest to work? Whenever I run it, it says "timed out".
If you want to be technical, it means that 'Net Test' and the diagnostic server on the STO network could not complete the TCP/IP three way handshake used to establish a connection...

In simpler layman terms, it can't connect...

And this is a connection to a much simpler diagnostic server, so any additional overhead and load on the STO Servers are out of the picture here. So if you can't connect to the Net Test Server, its highly unlikely you can connect to the STO Server, showing that this is a Internet connection issue and not a STO Server issue...

Now why it can't connect, it could be router issues, firewall misconfiguration, ISP blocking or throttling, excessive network congestion, etc. etc. Thats what the other network diagnostics are for, to rule out other causes and try to pinpoint what the exact issue is. The 'Trace Route' diagnostic is useful for looking at ISP issues and network congestion on the route to the STO servers....

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