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I like APD on my cruisers if I have 4 or more tac slots. I like to be the aggro guy and APD works great in that scenario.
Also works well with feedback pulse and elachi haywire.
Also great for saving transports in fleet defence and kang in cse (along with TT which people still have trouble figuring out should be cast on him)

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
1) You're used to being the aggro guy. You shoot at everything you see and don't see. Everything shoots at you. You rock APD and folks dig that, cause more things are shooting at you than you can shoot at to apply APB.

You end up on a team with a guy that does the same thing - but - he does it far better than you do. He makes you look like you've got 5x [-Th], have 0 Starship Threat Control, and 0% to-hit...because he's got all the aggro in the instance and a waiting line outside the instance of other mobs that want to shoot at him.

Your APD is wasted. Opportunity to switch BOFFs for another Tac with something else.
Or, being a castable skill, dump your APD on the guy with the aggro and be a good team mate. He wont have APD up all the time, put it on when his runs out.
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