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10-15-2013, 01:17 PM
for the max spike avenger build is it ok to use the Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher ?
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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
for the max spike avenger build is it ok to use the Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher ?
I think it would be fine to use as a starter torpedo, assuming you already own it. I say starter torpedo only because the max spike Avenger build's philosophy does not really need what the wide-angle quantum torpedo excels at: remaining on target as long as possible. The max spike build is all about opportune timing and overwhelming force rather than sustained fire.

The wide-angle quantum torpedo launcher has +10 accuracy and +2 critical chance on top of the wide angle modifier, so it's a solid torpedo. Ideally, though, you might want to go with something more accurate or with a still-higher critical chance/damage to maximize your spike. The advanced fleet quantum torpedoes might come in handy there if you have access to them. I personally would just spend some EC on nice MK XII purple quantum torpedoes -- [ACC]x2 [CRTH or CRTD].

I say use it for now until you can afford better. In the meantime, it'll serve you pretty well.

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10-17-2013, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by ghyudt View Post
Had some questions about gear. My primary character is a tactical officer. Maxxed level, skills, etc. I run a regent class assault cruiser most of the time. I keep seeing that the maco shield is a prefferred item, but the stats on the fleet shields are so much better. Same with deflectors and engines. Also, there's the matter of cannons vs beams. How do cannons put out so much more damage, yet use less energy than beams?
i recommend fleet shields on everything these days. only a sci ship that wanted the maco 2 part and a fleet deflector would i not recommend a fleet elite.
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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
thank you for your info.
just a few more question

1. here is my new skill plan please tell me what you think ?

2. the flow cap which is better as I have no borg 2pc shield or hull proc ?

3. could this work to every now and then if I feel like swapping

for the bonuses

Set 2: Tetryon Amplification
Passive +7.6 Tetryon Damage +15.2 Starship Flow Capacitors
Set 3: Refracting Assault
Self: Upgrades hyper Dual Beam Bank's special firing modes. Fire at Will and Beam Overload will both hit additional targets.
the nukara console mainly gives +10 beam acc right? unless it buffs flow caps or decomp i wouldn't bother. same for any energy weapons, except for an aft beam for subsystem targeting. with no weapons energy or tac consoles no energy weapon will deal any damage. the 2 part bonus giving flow caps, thats not a lot, proboly not worth it.

the main thing is how well you can get someone stuck in a TR, if your doing that well the rest is just gravy

Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
for the max spike avenger build is it ok to use the Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher ?
nope, thats a useless weapon, especially for this. the BO thats making it remotly possible for the torps to hit hull already has the same fireing arc as a normal torp, the arc would only slightly help some times for getting your torps in the air before you start your energy weapons fire. but thats more easily done by having certain things off auto fire and good buff stacking keybinds

that torp is worthless in general because its point is that you can fire it more often because targets will be in its large arc more. but spaming a quant does nothing for you, it only does something if you can open a hole in shields with a precise attack first. with the higher arc and more on target uptime, nothing more often is still nothing, and since it deal less damage then normal its worthless.
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Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser

Since we don't have a build for this yet, here is something that can work as an eng/healer. It really only works as an eng healer, and that only in as much as they can work at all.

This is no record breaking DPS cruisers, its a healer. You ll need RSF and MW

No Aux2bat,

You can switch ST1, for F@W1, or TT if you really have to, PH is a most.

7 x Beam Arrays = 1x Kinetic Cutting

Warp Core
Tal Shiar Adapted Borg

F@W1, APD1

EPtS1, RSP1, ET3, AtS3
EPtA1, TS1

PH1, HE2, TSS3


borg deflector
borg engine
fleet elite (Maybe KHG given the all decloak crit franzy of late


1x Fleet Neutronium +Turn, 1x Fleet Turn =AllRes, leach, Nanite Disperal

borg, Nukara, Field Gen

3 energy type consoles

Required DOFFs

2/3 purple damage control (EmptX CD),

Nice to have Doffs
DMG Control (Aux@Sif), EptA doff, Warpcore clear buffs
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10-28-2013, 07:04 AM
New to PVP and would appreciate any feedback on my build...

Fed Tact - FHEC

Ship Build:
Skill Tree:
Bridge Officers:
Duty Officers:

Thanks in advance!


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Hi. daunknownadmin. :-)

Since your request for advice has gone unnoticed for several days i have decided to try to help you out.:-)

I guess Dontdrunk must be busy...;-) Or havent noticed your post yet...:-)

First: My apologies for the immense wall of text.

My advice is: read it small parts and use what you find useful of all of this..:-)

Traits :
I see you didnt post anything about traits i the post.

If you allready havent and mainly loves space combat : Pick all the space traits. The only one that will do you no good in an escort in general is: Astrophysicist.

For learning to play escort in pvp i recomend a full cannon builth. This, because such a builth requiers less micromanaging, so you can focus on surviving, managing your ship and killing opponents..

Ship builth:

Weapons :
Switch out the dual cannon and the plasma torpedo for two Advanced Fleet dual heavy cannons with [Acc]x2[Dmg]x2 mods. When and if you can afford it, upgrade the other weapons on your ship with weapons with above mentioned mods...As an escort in pvp you cant have to much accuracy...:-)

Shield :
Switch out your Borg shield with M.A.C.O. mk xii or with a set of Elite Resilient fleet shields (Res A and Res B)

Consoles :
Remove the field generator and the torpedo point defence system, move the borg console to one of the now free science slots. For the other science slot the put the zero point energy conduit console from the Romulan rep system.

For the engy consoles. get 3x elite fleet rcs+allres (the best you can afford)


Engineering consoles : 3xfleet rcs +allres (the best you can afford)
Science Consoles : Plasmonic Leech, borg console and zero point energy conduit.

Why this console setup : 3x rcs +allres will give you increased turnrate and good resists from both energy and kinetic weapons. For an escort with narrow angle weapons, turnrate is key to keep those weapons on the target as much as possible.

The reason for the zero point energy conduit is that it improves your CrtH (1,8%) It also gives a little more power to your subsystems, all in all, a good console.

Warp core :
If you dont allready have an Elite warp core with the [Amp] mod, get it. With the setup i am giving you, you will have at least 3 subsystems that have over 75% power, which will increase your damage by 9,9%

Pets :
Advance Danubes or Elite Yellowstone runabouts, for their tractor beams. Advanced or elite Tholian Widow Fighters for spam clearing, mines and other fighters...


Get 2 purple Conn officers (Attack Pattern Doffs) (Zemok Jenro)
And 3 Purple Damage Control Engineers (The type that gives 35% Chance to reduce recharge time for emergency to Power subsystem abilities by 30%)

The 2 Attack Pattern doffs wiill with 2 different attackpatterns get both attackpatterns down to global cooldown.
The 3 purple damage control engineers (The type that gives 35% Chance to reduce recharge time for emergency to Power subsystem abilities by 30%) will enable you to use 2 different emergency power to abilities and get both at global cooldown and therefore gives you 100% uptime on both..

Bridge Officers :

Get 3 romulans tactical bridge officers with Superior Operative as each of them adds 2% critical chance and 5% critical severity. This will give you more damage.:-) These 3 boffs Superior Operative stacks and will give you +6% increase in critical chance...:-)

Tactical Boff powers :
Tactical boff 1 : Tactical Team 1,Cannon Rapid Fire 1/Cannon ScatterVolley 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 2, Attack Pattern Omega 3.

Tactical boff 2 : Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Delta

Tactical boff 3 : Torpedo Spread 1

The Attack Pattern Omega gives you a short dmg, maneuvrability and speed boost, it also gives you a short immunity to tractorbeams. The attackpattern delta will fit right in between your attackpattern omegas.:-)

The torpedo spread because you should allways have a quantum torp launcher in your inventory in case you run into carriers and lots of petspam...

Another alternative is to get the Antiproton Beam turret from the new Featured episode and replace one of your aft turrets with it and change the boff ability on your 3rd tactical bridge officer to : Beam target subsystem engines 1.

(The Antiproton beam turret will not benefit from cannon skills and have a lower base dps than a mk xii advanced fleet turret. In essence it will lower your dps slightly , but it will give you an extra trick up your sleeve..:-))

Alternative Tactical boff 3 : Beam target subsystem engines 1

This can help you to slow down or imobilize faster and more maneuvrable escorts.

Suggestions for Races for Enginering and Science Bridge officers :

Romulan bridge officers from Romulan embassy with Superior subterfuge will give you an increase in defence bonus of 3,8% each. With 2 of these boffs it will increase your defence bonus by 7,6 % nothing to sneeze at. But its not a must have...

Other alternatives :
Humans for the bonus they give to subsystem repair.
Efficient Saurians for the bonus they give to subsystem power.

Engineering boff powers : Emergency Power to Engines 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Emergency Power To Shields 3

Ask an engineer kindly, to train emergency power to shields 3 for you..:-)

Science Bridge Officer : Transfer Shield Strenght 1 or Hazard Emitters 1, Hazard Emitters 2 or Transfer Shield Strenght 2,

Eighter setup will do..:-)

Recap : Science Bridge officer : Transfer Shield Strenght 1, Hazard Emitters 2.
or : Science Bridge officer : Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strenght 2.

Alternative Setup :

As this doff setup will be somewhat costly, here is an alternative setup without the suggested doffs :

Tac boff 1 : tt 1,crf 1,apo 1, apo 3
Tac boff 2 : tt 1, crf 1/csv 1
Tac boff 3 : ts 1

or alt with antiproton beamturret, Tac boff 3 : btsse 1

Eng boff : Ep2s1, rsp 1, ep2s3

Science boff : unchanged to previous suggestions. (He 1 , Tss 2) Or (Tss 1, He 2)

Skill Tree :

I would remove all points in Starship Projectile Weapons and Starship Projectile Weapon Spesialization, I would reduce Starship Warp Core Efficiency, Starship Warp Core Potential and Starship Hull Plating to 3 points. I would use these points to :

Tier 1 :
Max out Starship Attack Patterns, Put between 3-6 points in Driver Coil, at least 3 points in Starship Batteries and Max out Starship Shield Emitters

Tier 2 :
Max out Structural Integrity and Starship Shield Systems.

Tier 3 :
Max out Starship Maneuvers, Staship Electro Plasma Systems and Starship Impulse Trusters.

Tier 4 :
Put between 3-6 points in Treat Generation, Max out Starship Engine Performance and put 3-6 points in Starship Inertial Dampeners

Tier 5 :
Put 3 points in Starship Armour Reinforcements.

A tip : The last points you put in should be in Treat Generation and Starship Batteries, use what points you have left on these two..:-)

This is the way i would spec and set up a ship like this. It doesnt mean its the only right way...:-)

Keybinds :
Get the keybind from The Hilbertguide or Make you own on The Federation Emergency Services webpage.:-)
Keybinds helps a lot in getting rid of much of the micromanaging regarding boff abilities..

What abilities to keybind : The ep2 powers, apo, apd and cannon skills.

Another tip : Bind your trottle to the mousewheel.

If anyone finds information here that they know are incorrect please feel free to correct me. I have tried to get it all correct, but with the large amount of information here, there could be something that have passed me by...:-)

Happy hunting everyone.:-D


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Sometimes you win.....and, sometimes you learn...

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does any one have a Obelisk build they wish to share please.

thank you
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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
does any one have a Obelisk build they wish to share please.

thank you
if you got an advanced one, renim's odyssey build would be the best fit imo. otherwise its pretty similar to the ambassador. its its own unique sort of ship though, so i'll try to come up with something that fits it well. its a platform im not real experienced with
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Originally Posted by daunknownadmin View Post
New to PVP and would appreciate any feedback on my build...

Fed Tact - FHEC

Ship Build:
Skill Tree:
Bridge Officers:
Duty Officers:

Thanks in advance!
sorry man, i meant to get to this sooner, but it would require a significant post to address it, like Truthseeker69 was kind enough to do. i'll try to do some quick cliff notes at least

none of your doffs are really helping you.
- projectile doffs dont help the omega torp
- you arent using DEM, so marion isn't doing anything for you
- those 2 cannon cooldown proc doffs proboly arent all that reliable

it would proboly be worth getting the newer advanced [acc]2[dam]2 AP DHCs, 4 up front.

put the omega torp on the back, along with the cutting beam and the new AP 360 deg arc beam and warp core from the new featured episode. that will increase your AP damage quite a bit

the torp spread console isnt great, proboly not worth a slot.

3 mine holding RCS+allress consoles should go in your eng slots

in your sci slots make sure you have the borg console to compleat that 3 part set, and leach. keep the field gen or slot the 0 point console in the 3rd slot

the really dangerious escorts run both EPtE and EPtS at full uptime, thanks to damage control doffs. get at least 3 blue, or 2 to 3 purple and run EPtE1 and EPtS2 or 3 if you can get training.

the 3rd eng station slot can be used for any number of things. DEM to use your marion doff, RSP is always great, AtS is a nice little hull heal, ET2 is ok, AtD will give you GW immunity, quite a bit of kinetic resist and with its doff energy resist and a longer duration.

you could proboly take all your skill points out of torpedo buffing. you should max out shield emitters though, that improves your heals. put at least 3 points in threat control, that actually grants you energy and kinetic resist.

here is what i would make building off what you have

4 AP DHCs up front/ cutting beam, 360 degree AP beam bank, omega torp aft

TT1, CRF1,

EPtE1, RSP1, EPtS3

borg engine
borg deflector
obelisk warp core
borg shield/elite shield

3 RCS+allres
borg, zero point, leach
4 AP tac consoles

elite scorpions/shield repair drones/yellowstones

required doffs- 2/3 damage control

optional doffs- marion if you use DEM, the AtD doff if you use AtD, the HOT heal doff if you use AtS, otherwise shield distribution doffs

that should do very well for you in pvp
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