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Ok, so given how a lot of people (Including myself) seem to having problems with Peanut labs. So I looked up different ways to earn myself some Zen (Love lockboxes), while still supporting Perfect World.

Please note this is only open to to people in the United States

So, rather than buy myself a card I am using Bing rewards, due to the fact I use Bing anyway. It does take a couple months to get enough points, but it is still free Zen for searching on Bing. Here is the Link if you are interested:

After you work a couple months at this (More like a month and a half) you can get a Rixty gift card, which you can redeem on this site. Boom, free 500 Zen without the Peanut lab headache.

I am new to this Forum, so if this isn't allowed just tell me (Ant tell me how) and I will delete it.

And those links go get me a little bonus, but that really isn't what this is for. So feel free to share your tried and proven method

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