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Title: Blood Stained Mirror
Author: isthisscience
Faction/Level: KDF 31+
Code: HCGHH488B

History rests on a knife-edge. The smallest breath can push the destinies of empires and lovers down radically different paths. What is your place in it, and what choices will you make? How far do you trust your crew, and how much do you demand from the kindness of strangers?

This is my submission to the time travel foundry challenge and a response to all the people asking for a sequel to Rose Tinted Mirror (though you don't have to play RTM before playing this, but this does ruin RTM plot twists).

Also, I present you a challenge. The first enemy group you encounter on the first space map has references to eight time travel episodes across all five series. You'll have to play it at a fairly high level to make sure you seem them all but if you do, the first person to post here the names and what episodes they reference will get a few purple doffs from me as a token of appreciation at your attention. Bonus points for another references you get at the same time.

Oh and before someone asks this time, every system and species mentioned is canon (memory alpha or at least beta) with the exception of one which is as a result of a dare (well, there is also a easter egg from one other non-canon species, but lets not spoil that!).

& Rose Tinted Mirror (Fed 31+)

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Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 532
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10-17-2013, 03:31 AM
The issue at the end of the prison level that some people brought up has been fixed. Sorry I missed that, couldn't even find what was causing it - had to rework that last segment. Though this is what I pay for working right up to the deadline I suppose!

& Rose Tinted Mirror (Fed 31+)

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