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10-15-2013, 07:34 PM
Well, any list of Cruisers could fill out your goal - however the Star Cruiser will not be one of them.

You need either a Cruiser with 3+ Tactical Consoles, or the Science Odyssey.

Its an odd occurrence I have found, but have not minded in my currently more single-target focused plan on how the Sensor Analysis on the Sci Oddy can stack up to 33.3% resistance debuff, which more than makes up for the loss of the 3rd Tac Console on that ship - however for most opponents they don't last long enough to make it noticeable. Does well on most bosses, the exception being Dontra's cheating cloaking Scimitar - but it has been able to push ~12k dps on a non-Aux2Bat build that way. Tears up Gates on Khit just fine for an example.

My current Sci Oddy if anyone wants to know;
I will say this though - the Elite Fleet Restorative weapons are a waste if damage is your goal. You'll get slightly better output off Adv Fleet instead, and cheaper too.

The ships you want would be this list IMO;
Avenger Battle Cruiser (that new ugly thing)
Assault Cruiser (Sovereign)
Fleet Support Cruiser Retrofit (Ambassador)
Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Excelsior)
Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Stargazer)
C-Store Tac Oddy for FAW builds, Sci Oddy for more single-target plans

The Avenger wins over the lot of them for the DHC/Turret build it can abuse, but it could potentially also runs Beams far more aggressive and stronger than the others. The other Cruisers (Fleet variants for most of them) are pretty decent, but somewhat picky on the plans to make them work. The Oddy is more flexible, with the noted Sci Oddy able to adjust a bit more single-target plan more effectively than the Tac, but the Tac handles better for FAW use like the rest.

However, if damage is your goal on the Cruisers, the Plasmonic Leech is just about a mandated requirement to push it with the Zero-Point and Assimilated, and maybe Nuk console. The help those add is immense, and shouldn't be dismissed if you can avoid it.

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10-15-2013, 08:41 PM

A build i have been playing with for my eng when it hits 50. Not all beams, not super offensive but should be pretty damn durable looking.
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10-15-2013, 10:40 PM
This is what I fly

somewhat durable, but can dish out a bit of damage.
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10-15-2013, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by capnshadow27 View Post

A build i have been playing with for my eng when it hits 50. Not all beams, not super offensive but should be pretty damn durable looking.
you would be surprised how fast this baby would go tac team, no rsp.
the 4th armor console will probably only grant you 5% resistance because of diminishing returns on armor consoles.
fleet resiliant shield > fleet coveriant, especially if you don't have any sci consoles to increase your max shieldpoints.
the 2 torp launchers and the single DBB will do you no good dmg wise, you are better off with tac team1; AP:delta or beta
maybe keep the 180 degree launcher up front, but a glaxy class unfortunately has not the boff seating to support multiple weapons...the assault cruiser refit does however, which you apparently own if you have the torp.
also 2x aux2sif is a waste, because the cooldown of that ability is already the lowest in the game...get a second EPtS2 instead and switch the existing EPtS1 into a EPtW1...running 4 EPtX abilitiys should allow you without any doffs to keep them up and running the whole time. 100% uptime of both.
The aceton beam 3 is also kind of "meh, not worth it"...go with RSP2 and extend shields3 instead. RSP is really something you shouldn't miss in any cruiser build.

and you lack some crucual reputaion consoles, like the assimilated and the zero point (probably because you overstacked armor consoles)

if you have the feeling that this ship lacks soooo much in turnrate that you think it needs 4xfleet mine armor consoles with turn on it, then maybe a 6 degree turning cruiser isn't a good choice to start with.
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I was once told torpedos is what work in Elites and I would add mines quantum don't go with just beams only.

To the OP get the Oddy Pack.
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If you still want to run torps on your ship I would try out transphasic, they won't do as much damage as other torps when the targets shields are down, but they have a nice 40% shield pen and with them being so cheap on the market right now its something to look into.

for some reason even a target with 1hp in shields still gets a torp damage resist that if i remember right cuts it by 75% so going with transphasic is always a good way to get damage in no matter what.

I had some help with this one but if you like the ambassador you could try this


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This entire discussion highlights how mistaken I was about romulans being overpowered. You don't even worry about defense on your tactical scimitar beam boat, you just go all in on offense and slap on a Valdore console. The more damage you dish out, the more healing you get. Did cryptic ever bother to think this might be counterinuitive to the game?

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