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The I.K.S. Lomqa' sat motionless in space. It was a modified B'rel Bird-of-Prey, which simply meant that it had been built out of scavanged parts. It was not an official ship of the Klingon Empire, and could not be traced to any specific fleet or unit, yet it contained only the finest warriors that the Empire had to offer. They were united for the purpose of returning the Klingon Empire to it's former glory, and it's people to the place of highest honor. They were dedicated to the Way of Kahless.

"We are at the designated coordinates, but there is no sign of the Romulans." The Tactical Officer, T'Nacus, reported.

Hegh'yIt, the ships captain, sat silently in the command chair. He was a battle hardened Klingon warrior with over twenty years of service to the Empire. He didn't want to be here, but he had little choice. The galaxy was a big place, and they would need allies in restoring order.

Hegh'yIt breathed deeply, "We wait."

[[OOC - This RP Forum was started to facilitate RP cooperation between two KDF aligned fleets, "The Order of the Watchmen" and the "Romulan Praetorian Guard". However, it's ultimate purpose is to encourage RP among all interested STO players, and recruit new players to our RP fleets. So, we encourage all interested players to join in with the story.]]

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