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Originally Posted by muttw7 View Post
Some of us are hoping that a few of the different races within the Klingon Empire faction (Gorn and Orions etc) will have some of their own ship designs to use in place of Klingon ships. I've never been happy about permanent non-Klingons officers on ships in the KDF. It's just un-Klingon.

"We are Klingons. We don't embrace other cultures, we conquer them."
Martok (You Are Cordially Invited... - DS9)
You are right about that however, Klingons also respect power, if a non Klingon proves himself worthy he would be granted almost all the same power/priviledges a klingon would (a couple example in TNG)
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Originally Posted by Awen
We’ve added a new screenshot to our gallery today as well as posting the latest shots that you may have already seen on The latest, a warp core can be viewed here. All of these screenshots are from in game and have not been modified. We hope you enjoy them.
Yes its been awhile and your replacem netsh ave been adequate be we still miss your name on the forums.
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01-07-2010, 01:16 PM
Wow... this thread is old.

Let's let it lie in peace shall we?
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