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I figured that I should make a post letting folks know that I published an entry for the latest Foundry Challenge.

It's called Errand Undone (ST-HRZJBYMF4). The inspiration is a TOS episode of a very similar name.

Currently, it's still in review limbo (so you'll need to become a reviewer to see it), but I'm hoping that might change soon.

It's rough around the edges, so any feedback is appreciated. I had bigger plans for it, but obviously needed to get it out for the challenge. I'll be working on it more after that's done.

Just as a side-note, I'm also going to try and re-create Checks and Balances, which was formerly a spotlit mission but something broke it in season 6. I haven't been able to edit it to fix it and I'm assuming it was just removed from the spotlight list for season 7. But I'd like to bring it back, possibly with some enhancements.

Hope everyone is having fun in game and best of luck to the other challenge contestants.

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