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10-20-2013, 07:55 AM
Personally... I think there is a legitimate story that could unify the Romulan Empire (Romulan Republic), and make them a viable full third faction.

We all know that Romulan's were masters of deceit, and subterfuge (not to be confused with the trait). In the early days, D"Tan realizing that the fledgling Republic could not stand up to the combined forces of Empress Sela's Tal Shiar, and their new allies the Elachi (with the Iconians lurking in the back ground)... D'Tan knows that the only way to advance the Republic is through making alliegences with historic enemies of the Romulans (The Federation and The Klingon Empire).

In a stroke of Diplomatic genius, D'Tan is able to broker allegiances with both sides of warring factions. Gains their trust, their assistance in rebuilding a fleet of Romulan Republic ships. All the while, offering little to the new "allies".

Once the Republic controlled fleet has grown to sufficient size, D'Tan start a series of meetings with high ranking Romulan commanders (now deeply entrenched operatives in the Federation and Klingon Empire)... and slowly start pulling the two sides together...

When the time is right... these operatives (having gained much from their allies), return to New Romulas, and are given the oppurtunity to abandon their "allies" in favor of returning to the Romulan Republic, and the glory of days gone by.

Having been deceived, both the Federation and Klingon Empire declare war on the Romulan Republic (all the while not wanting their technology to fall into the other's hand... thereby tipping the balance of power in the quadrant reignite their age old conflict with eachother).

Honestly... when the foundry was able to do Romulan story arcs I really considered trying to build a series of missions around this idea.... but alas, dont have the creative talent some do with writing missions.
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