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Originally Posted by varnoukh View Post
I've made the point myself several times that tac ships are better for solo'ing and I wouldn't be surprised if demand for them is higher. But Romulans don't have just a few tac ships. We have lots and lots but only one sci ship (excluding the very expensive temporal).

Seriously, I prefer the sci profession and flying sci vessels, and find if I don't take one into STFs they can be more painful if no other sci ship turns up, but my options are... well non-existent. It's ha'nom or mirror ha'nom.

Sidetracking a little, do players actually fly the Tulwar and Falchion? I don't quite get the point of tac vessels with sci/eng'ish console layouts. If they're not going to release full sets of equivalent sci and eng vessels (understandable if demand is low and / or the scimi's didn't sell too well) I think they should consider making the Tulwar and Falchion proper sci and eng ships with sci / eng commander stations. I'm not a fan of their appearance but I'd at least then consider buying those.

That's a small ray of sunshine at least but also confirms my suspicion that a romulan sci carrier isn't currently on the table.
I fly a Falchion...but that's because I don't want to fly a beam whale in a game where it's easy enough to get top dps without the most optimal(And boring in my opinion) specs.

Back on topic, just because we haven't gotten a full carrier doesn't mean we aren't going to get one! Cryptic released the Ar'Kif to fit two things people wanted...quad plasma cannons and a t4 escort like ship. People might complain that it's another tac ship but people were also complaining about the t4 D'Deridex.

Then they added the hangar because the ship wasn't doing to well, so not having a fleet version and having a hangar they decided she would be a good fit with the new holding. Why not since she doesn't have a fleet version?

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