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10-21-2013, 10:03 AM
Am I the only one underwhelmed?

They certainly don't seem too advanced as the movie makes them. Not even close.

And the weapons,... Just using old stuff they already got but mixing it.

Tetryon antiproton, transphasic-chroniton.

FFS think of something new.

In EVE online at least there are Jovians who are miles ahead of any galactic race (like Voth should be).

You know, Tier 10 or something. Something FAR superior and technologically unmatched.
Something that would take a Fleet of starships to take down. A true RAID, a thing missing from endgame in ST.

And if they compare them to the Elachi, aw my god. They are even less strong of an opponent.
Who the hell uses Elachi ship for anything? PvP? Nope, PvE? nope. Because they are seriously underwhelmed to be used for anything. 2.5% chance proc to penetrate shield? Should be on every crit then it might be usefull somewhat.

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