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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
If the Preservers were really THAT peaceful they wouldn't have a concept of what weapons are. But clearly they do. Obviously they don't like to use them, but they doesn't prevent them from having them.
You have no evidence they haven them, this is like the Organians having a standing military just because they know what it means.

It also doesn't make them a militarized race.
Carrier with drone ships ... yep, not militarized ...

You'd have to be kinda stupid to not have at least a token defense against invasions. Let's face it... someone or something wiped out the Preservers. they didn't just die of boredom...
To start, invasion by who? they clearly were well beyond the technological level of all other races they were on contact with, this is like you arming yourself against Dolphins because we never know do we? After all Dolphins are in fact known rapists ...

Also the amusing thing is you never even bothered to check were the Preservers were mentioned from, the only source is the TOS Episode "The Paradise Syndrome" and what we see in the Breen FE is actually taken from that episode.

Now I point out to The Obelisk that did not destroy the asteroid but acted as a deflector and push it away, this is a far cry from destroying it.

Also who said they were wiped out? they were old, ancient ... you think the Q were always the Q Continuum as we seen in TNG? they likely simply moved beyond mortal existence and there no evidence they were even native to the Milky Way Galaxy to begin with.

You know what annoys me .. inability to create.

As much people might not like the Defari at least they are new, too much on existing IPs is just using the exact same concepts, species and races and attempt to unify and connect everything without creating anything, just a endless recycling ... one thing is adding something that existed to the game without twisting it so it "fits" that what you are asking, you want the Preservers into having ships and weapons because you want to use them for a role that they are just not suitable for, a new unknown species works much better as it can be made to fit the role instead of hammering a existing race until it "fits".
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