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10-22-2013, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by trekkerchick View Post
I would pay to unlock remasters of the old starships. Especially the Intrepid, Nova, Nebula and Galaxy.
You hear me, Cryptic? *rattles purse* I would pay!
Me too.

High priority:

- Olympic (it was done almost completely wrong)
- Sovereign
- Negh'Var (lacks many many details, I hope those come with the next KDF-Zen-ship)
- Constitution TMP-refit (c'mon... it looks like those engineers from NX-01 rebuilt it)
- Galaxy/Nebula/Luna (could be worse, could also be one hell of a lot better)
- Nova (The fleet-version didn't get an update on the main deflector, but it needs a better deflector. Badly.)
- Better textures for klingon ships and altered models for D7 and bridges for non-klingon KDF-vessels. Where did the Gorn, Orions, Nausicaans and Letheans get the blueprints to excuse their own lazyness of interior ship-construction? And since when does anybody but klingons like blood-red, smokey places to sit and run a ship all day?

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