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# 1 Mirror Universe Incursion
10-22-2013, 10:10 AM
Hi all ! I am not sure if there already exists any thread with this topic ! If so...sry for that !

I am up for bringin the "Mirror Universe Incursion" Event more frequently.

Now that we already have many Reputation Systems, new Rommies, Starbases and Fleetstuff that also requires expertise and with the upcoming Season 8 Update there are many people (me included) that run out of expertise, especially pvp players because rewards are simply disappointing for pvp. On some days Mirror Incursion is running at times that are nearly impossible to be achieved (if you have some sort of reallife, sometimes i only can achieve Mirror Incursion once in 3 days because of that), and on other days, if you have more than one char, you have to speedrun that hour in order to get your projects running and so on ! Dont wanna wine.....but:

Plz bring up the Event maybe 3 or 4 times a day ! People already need to do lots of other stuff (marks etc) to keep their things running. Dont treat us by also giving us little expertise.

I know that there may be some kind of balancing problems by simply bringing the event more often (like levelling for example). But something has to be done in terms of expertise-rewards !

Hope for support ! Hf

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