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Ok, instead of starting the millionth thread complaining about the Voth, why don't we post why were EXCITED(omg what is this horrible word "excited") about season 8.

Im excited for the Sphere. looks really cool so far and from the dev post and screenshots it seems like its going to be different from the previous adventure zones. Im really excited to get on in the coming weeks to check it out with friends.

Now onto the part which people have been crying about for weeks. The Voth!!!!
Right now im really liking the voth characters look and the ships, im really excited to fight these ships to see how easy/hard they are to out voth my defiant is coming for you...

The reputation system, this is another thing people love to cry about(aka i dont want to do it.I feel like im being forced to do it. It's another grind I have to go through.)

Im actually kinda excited for this reputation line and if I end up not liking it I will just not do it.
But im really curious about what the rep rewards will be, hopefully some dino gear and mechs.

Fleet Holding? i think there will be one but not sure. Anyway what I have heard about them is that they will have fleet tactical consoles, which i have been waiting for, for awhile. I dont play PVP in this game so I cant really say anything on how these will affect the PVP stuff. But in PVE im excited to use them...

Oh and the new fed tutorial too once its mostly bug free, has improved last tribble patch but still needs some work. But overall im excited to play it once it is bug free.

Thats really all for me, but I want to hear what aspects of season 8 you will be most excited for.

Please don't:
-Complain about S8, this thread is suppose to be what were excited about for it.
-Flame and Insult each other...again this is suppose the be a thread why were excited for S8 not a chance to take your anger about it out on other forum goers

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