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Hi gang, first post from me.

I am a casual player who has been running exclusively solo for the six weeks I've been on STO. Now that I have finished all the Episodes, reached level 50, and am diligently working my way through DOff commendation levels and Reputation levels, I am interested in finding out about how the Fleet side of things works.

Some info about me:
  • I am a 40-something female playing a realistically proportioned female toon.
  • I am on Pacific Time and mostly on evenings and some of the weekend.
  • I am a lifelong gamer, but that interest is spread out across computer, board, card and other, so I do not have an extensive history in MMOs. But I learn quickly.

A bit about my play style:
  • I have no desire to do PVP.
  • I haven't done any PVE. Partly because a) I've been sufficiently busy working through episodes and b) I do not want to be that useless member in a PUG who screws things up.
  • I fly a Patrol Escort with a variety of weapons, including a Mine Launcher, because I think it's fun to swoop and p..p - even though I'm sure there are those who would feel my setup is... funky.
  • I have been in exactly one PUG ground instance, which was mostly by accident.
  • Even though I was very active in MUSHes and some MUDs waaaay back in the day (for those of you who know what those are), I haven't quite figured out STOs chat/communication commands. So I read but am not active on channels to date.
  • I haven't a clue about setting up or using voice chat.

What I would like in a fleet:
  • Mature players who understand this is a game, even if we do get a little obsessed with it at times.
  • Members who also get that real life and commitments often take precedence.
  • Friendly folks willing to help me figure out the things I haven't a clue about now (team/group etiquette and strategies, voice chat(!), etc.).

If you think your fleet might fit the bill, let me know. If anything I've written makes you think "what a n00b!" or makes you want to inform me stridently on what my ship/BOff/skills setup should be, feel free to ignore my request.

Thanks for your help.
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10-21-2013, 03:50 PM
Hi, first off I would just like to say thank you for such a detailed post. It certainly helps when people clearly explain what their interests are and what it is they are looking to get out of fleet membership.

You might want to check out UFP we've existed for over a decade now as a Star Trek gaming group and currently have over 700 members from more than 40 different countries so there are always people on to game with.

We have a great number of experienced and helpful members and regularly run hosted events to teach members how to improve their gaming experience, hosted run-throughs of the STFs take place at least twice a week.

Voice chat is not a requirement although we do operate a TeamSpeak 3 server for members that want to use it, it tends to make grouping with other members easier and can be very helpful during gameplay, TeamSpeak 3 is completely free and is exceptionally easy to use with or without a microphone.

If you would like to know any more please feel free to ask any questions, alternatively you can pay us a visit on these forums HERE or on our own forums HERE.
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10-22-2013, 01:20 AM
I'm in a fleet that's pretty super casual but also low in population. We're called Section 12 Elite Task Force, though I just call us Section 12. Mostly we just do our own thing, occasionally we team up but that would require getting 2 or more of us on at the same time. My friend and I tend to game regularly, but his family commitments can sometimes drag him away, so definitely we understand that real life takes precedence.

My friend and I are Aussies, and a couple of mutual friends of ours are also in the fleet but aren't regular players, and the rest of our fleet are Americans. As far as voice chat goes my friend and I stick to skype, but voice chat is absolutely not required at all.

Fair warning: our fleet is only up to tier 2 starbase, and tier 2 dilth mine is currently on timer - in less than a week it'll finish upgrading. Our embassy has been neglected since most of our focus has been on the mine and starbase. We started out a few months ago, after the last fleet we were in imploded due to Drama. (basically, we were the only ones doing any work and the fleet admin didn't properly appreciate our efforts, so we broke off and made our own fleet)
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10-22-2013, 08:38 PM
I may be a little late to the party, but if you have not already made your decision, I'd like to throw my fleet's hat into the ring.

We definitely fit your expectations and hours (we have members on at all hours of the day, usually) and lots of people will be available to help you.

Look me up in-game at @Cokecan if this interests you - either via in-game mail or just via a private message.
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10-23-2013, 05:34 AM
Come take a look at us http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=590121

For the very best online gaming experience on star trek online. Join Task Force Spectre


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