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# 201
09-27-2013, 11:02 PM
Iam new to using the Gateway and i have notice many graphical details not showing up, iam running FireFox (Latest Version) to date. I didnt have any problems adding things to the projects of the multiple holders, however i would like to see the ability to do my BO's missions and so on.

Also to add, i noticed that my Klingon character doesn't show up in the roster shortly after login.


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# 202
09-29-2013, 06:18 PM
Not sure if it's been mentioned but all ship equipment is showing one rarity level higher than it is in game. Bridge officers do not appear and the ship name also doesn't display properly/

I'm running Chrome, if it matters
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# 203 gateway query
09-30-2013, 04:45 AM
I have not been playing this game for a while and have been having issues with logining in the game. i can acess the gateway but all that turns up is my character info and ships, duty officers. but that is all that turns up i can not acess the game at all is there something i can do to make the gateway work?
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The face and body images on the Captain Profile don't show up for me. They do show up for the other bridge officers. This is in an up-to-date Safari on OS X.
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# 205 Ship Systems
10-02-2013, 10:47 AM
On the Ship Systems screen, I see the name of my captain, not the name of my ship. This is in an up to date Safari on OS X.
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# 206 Fleet Management Overhaul
10-09-2013, 09:52 PM
To All the STO Developers,

This is my first post, and I would like to thank you all for the work you?ve done on Star Trek Online. STO is a great game, despite some of the issues that I?ve experienced; which I will attribute to growing pains. Now on to what this post is really about.

As a gaming community leader, there are many features about the fleet management system that I feel are either missing or could use some improvement. The first thing I would like to touch on is the rank system.

Though we very rarely see them in any of the genre?s iterations, there are enlisted ranks within the rank structure of the Star Trek world. The M.A.C.O. personnel have both enlisted and officer ranks that I believe to be based on the US Marine Corps rank structure, and the Star Fleet personnel no doubt have an enlisted rank structure similar to that of the US Navy (the best example of this would be Chief O?Brien). It would be great if there were a few more ranks available, and a larger number of available rank slots. This would allow for the officer positions to be made available to delineate leadership from the average members. New Icons or at least some Icon selections would be great for these new ranks as well?.MACO rank insignia on the shoulder would look great, and/or the option of moving rank to the should opposite of the fleet patch would be amazing too.

In addition to this, one of the various ways that I like to manage my members is to look at their stats. Certain metrics such as Time in Service, Activity Levels, and Accomplishments in Game and so on are used to determine eligibility for promotion, and even promotion or consideration for leadership positions. It would be great if this information were made available via an API system for easily downloading this information in to apps and spreadsheets.

The separation of Ranks and Titles would also help with the management of the fleet. Being able to set roles for a member under a title (for instance Accountant) would be great as one could be at any rank, and still be assigned that title.

Overall, the fleet management system needs an overhaul. I hate to point to another game for an example, but EVE-Online has a very robust, albeit somewhat overcomplicated system for member tracking and management. Many of the features there would be very useful here in STO, and would add a very automated way to handle permissions and titles/roles.

The last thing I would like to add is the ability to send/receive mail via STO Gateway. For those of us who spend a lot of time at work or away from home where playing the game is not an option, the ability to manage our fleets while away would be phenomenal.
All of these features would be great additions to the Gateway, so to finish this off; that is my final request. The fleet management system in general, aside from the addition of the fleet advancement system be added, has been largely untouched. The entire system needs an overhaul.

In closing, I thank you again for all your hard work and for your attention to my inquirey and requests.
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# 207 Ship suggestions
10-11-2013, 01:32 PM
Currently, the only ship that can be displayed is your active Starship. It would be nice to be able to view your active Small Craft, as well as inactive ships. It would also be helpful to know how many empty officer/ship slots a character has available, perhaps even the number of empty character slots available on the character select page.
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I think the STO Gateway is an amazing piece of work. This allows people who are not able to log into the game to view, review, and perform some functions while away from their gaming machine.

The day we all switched to PWE's Forum format was shocking and the loss of two EXTREMELY helpful and highly utilized tools greatly weakened the functionality of Fleet Management, especially from out-of-game.

Two Features that desperately need to be added are:

1 - In-Game E-Mail access similar to what we had on the STO Website. I lead two Fleets and often, when I have downtime away from my gaming machine, I would administer Fleet operations, communicate with Fleetmates, etc. via E-Mails. This was also advantageous because the STO Webmail did NOT have a 2048 character limitation and I was able to send an E-Mail containing our Fleet Mission, Vision, and Values without splitting it up into 5 (limited to 2048 chars each) E-Mails. Also, one could batch delete, better manage all of the E-Mail, etc. I have been mentioning this over and over via several different means of communication, but I am afraid it falls on deaf ears - otherwise, Cryptic/PWE would simply say - "It's on our list" and then work it in.

2 - List of Online Friends/Fleetmates While the STO Gateway shows the Fleet's Roster (very cool, by the way), there is no filter to determine who is actively online. Ultimately, it would be preferred to see the entire Friend's List with who is currently online, but we could easily settle for the Fleet Roster with a filter for who is currently online.

Those are the most critical showstoppers, however, ability to chat on FLEET or Private Channels would be very nice as well.
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# 209
11-16-2013, 10:17 AM
Am I the only one seeing he Gateway as down for maintenance? I just haven't seen it mentioned anywhere and it's been down since Season 8 dropped. Is there a major upgrade going on or something? Or perhaps restoring character images?
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11-16-2013, 06:13 PM
I rather like the gateway. However...

In the fleet holdings, when I select something to contribute, slide the slider, click Accept. Nothing happens. No confirmation that anything has happened, no apparent change to the amount remaining to contribute.

No "Reputation" section? I'd think that if fleet info is present and to eventually be "usable," we should also have access to our "reputation" areas and the ability to check whether or not a cooldown timer is over, collect rewards, select "passive abilities" at "tier completed" time, review or select/start net project and contribute existent assets to new Reputation projects. That would be kind of cool.

I'd also like ot see the DOFF system put into Gateway, so we can start, contribute to, and complete/collect rewards from DOFF system missions. There would probably have to be some method of paging through different "sectors" or "fun zones" for "missions" to complete. As you clearly get different missions from the Dyson Sphere zones than you do @ ESD, etc.

I'd love the ability to be able to goof off at work by leveling up my DOFF reputation system levels and "topping out." I don't always have time in-game, as we tend to be doing other things, but if I could quickly pop-in on breaks at work or something, collect rewards, start new missions, etc. Now, if rewards would "fill up" inventory (and you can't administrate inventory by either "discarding," "recycling" (40% value) or "selling to a reputable vendor" (50% value)), perhaps rewards would have to go into your "overflow bag" to be dealt with the next time you're in-game?

Also, it would be cool if you could create "read-only" perma-links to some of your stats that you could share with friends on Twitter/FB. Especially to things like where you're at in your reputation, fleet standing and your accolades page... So you could "compare notes" with friends and such...

Just some thoughts.

P.S. In case it matters, Firefox, current build 25.0.1, under Win 7.

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