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10-26-2013, 10:09 AM
I have played this game since the summer after launch so I'm familiar with all of the changes that have happened. (D*** reputation system) I never understood why MK XII VR consoles were sooo pricey until I began crafting them recently... I dumped millions of EC into a black hole that never returned it. I just crafted a MK XII VR Neutronium after several failed attempts (5-6) and I was lucky! Unfortunately it's practically worthless thanks to the meddling DEVS! Don't get me wrong I love this game BUT it is nearly impossible to find a consistent means of making EC without dumping a fortune into it in the first place! I think they do it to force people to Pay2Win. I have never griefed like this on the forums before so don't label me a troll. But y'all must understand how hard it is for the few of us to make those MK XII VR consoles that everyone loves. And the fleet consoles are ruining our already difficult market. The engineering consoles were fine because the selection is limited. The embassy consoles KILLED the science console fabrication market! And if the fleet TAC consoles are energy specific the same will happen there. I thought the generic consoles was a good idea, I've always wanted to run a rainbow boat and now it is a viable option as the procs will make up for the lost DMG. If they are made energy specific I will troll the forums endlessly until the devs fix it! We MUST have a consistent way of making EC or the in-game market cannot function! What poor b******* did you think made enough EC to buy unwanted lockbox ships? That'd be us console manafacturers... If you support the destruction of the in-game market by making high end consoles easily available then you support PWE dreaded Pay2Win scenario that has already engulfed the game. I personally spend plenty in the C-Store but I do it because I want to not because I HAVE to... And I never should. Also don't be jealous of us rich folks... Every healthy economy needs rich people to buy expensive products others can't afford. And no matter what Obama tells you socialism SUCKS like a KDF diplomat. Oh and by the way this is game so get over it!

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Originally Posted by samt1996 View Post
Wall of text and rants
It's easy to make EC in the game. Without paying a cent.
Play group content, elite, and sell the loot. Play grind foundry mission. Sell contraband, trade dil for zen, buy keys and sell them.

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10-26-2013, 10:31 AM
Not large amounts of EC... It requires ALOT of grinding. And they loot capped the foundry... The most you can make is a few hundred thousand EC per day and that is with 2-3 hours of playtime... I don't know about everyone else but I have a life outside of STO. Games shouldn't be harder than real life...
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10-26-2013, 10:37 AM
I love how so many have so quickly jumped on the bandwagon of 'PvPers nerfed them'.

From what I saw, it was more along the lines of, most PvPers were simply going to dismiss them, because they tended to use a mix of weapons anyways, like DHCs, turrets, and a DBB, maybe a torpedo or mine, and saw these 'generic' damage consoles a hurting to their builds, not an addition.

Heck, even a bunch of non-PvPers I saw felt a similar way.

I'm thankful of course that the devs added in energy/torp specific ones (I'm guessing torp ones mind you), but choosing to keep the generic ones, so everyone has a choice.

Besides, if people want to have the max damage consoles, and this might be surprising...


These fleet consoles change nothing. If anything, the people who couldn't really ever afford Mk XII consoles that easily, now have the option in the future of getting these. Those that can afford Mk XII consoles will still buy them.

Y'know, I'd go so far as to say that these fleet tac consoles are much more balanced than the sci and engy ones.

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10-26-2013, 10:38 AM
On the bright side I love what they've done with this game and look forward to more... I'm not impatient for content like most people although I have to admit even I was frustrated during 2011 or 2012 (don't remember which) when there was an extraordinary lack of content, many of us refer to it affectionately as "The Year of Hell" if you'll pardon the STVOY pun! ;p
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Originally Posted by trwarbuck View Post
I'm going to nip this in the bud before the complaining starts.
Okay sure the consoles only covers the concept of the standard non-energy specific consoles, but.
1. The fleet version gives a 25.5% bonus not a 20% bonus that a MKXII very rare one does and it gives a second benefit (Critical Hit, Critical Damage, Accuracy).
2. You get an overall 33% damage modifier in the Spire Reputation system that covers ALL weapons on your starship no matter the damage type.
If you go and calculate all this up, you will find out that you aren't really loosing anything, in fact you are gaining them. Sure it is only for a short 20 seconds, but so is the other Boff abilities that effect your weapons. If the cooldown period is kept to a short 30 seconds, you really won't see that much if not any falloff in damage output from your starship. Plus you can increase your Critical Hit, Critical Damage potential and your Accuracy.

So now you are capable of arming your ships with all those cool weapons that you get from the Reputation system and the Lobi store. Rainbow boats.
Give them a chance before you put them down. I'm sure the design staff sat down and considered everything before they created the consoles and the new reputation system.
Season 8.

Space Dinosaurs. With friggin' lasers on their hedz.

Rainbow Boats. Skittles for allz!

Season 8 is going to look hilarious and nothing at all like Star Trek.

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Originally Posted by redsnake721 View Post
As someone that used to craft XII consoles and stopped due to the extreme cost of making them. I know why the cost of a Phase or disruptor XII VR is so much.
You need to find five purple Eng officers that have the 3 trates to be able to get your Crit % to 25 and your green % down.
Thes Doffs are not cheap. 10 to 20 mil EC each. The childrens toy Doff mission hardly ever comes up so you almost always have to buy the Alien Artifacts. They run 750K-850K each. Then you have to power them. That takes one of each particle trace. Methogenic/Metrion traces run 75k-100K each. If you going to stock up on say 10 of each type your looking at about 2 mil EC. So to average it out your going to spend aprox 2 mil EC each time your craft one. Most times your going to get a Blue Bio-monitor or a Purple SIF gen. Something that will not sell on the Exchange. Most times if you do get a Purple Tac console it's a Pre-Fire chamber or something generic. So Afer spending 20 -40 mil or more EC and you at last get a good XII VR energy specific Tac console you are going to need to make up your losses to be able to keep crafting. So if the community wants access to these consoles they need to fund the process that goes into crafting them. Most do not make a profit. The EC goes right back into buying more Artifacts and Particle traces to craft more junk consoles in the hope of getting a good one. I crafted over 400 and got about 20 good consoles out of all of that.

Last time I checked it was more around 500k.
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He said he stopped a while ago so don't get angry over technicalities... It has gone down a little but it's still pricey.
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Rainbow Boats. Skittles for allz!

Season 8 is going to be hilarious and nothing at all like Star Trek.

In the VOYAGER episode "The Void" the alien ships mixed each other's tech... Especially weapons because some made better beams, or cannons... Ect. So yes it's canon get over yourself its game not a TV show...
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MK XII very rare are +30% base damage per console.
MK XII ultra rare non energy specific but weapon type specific is +22.3% base damage per console and +8% crit severity or +1.6% Crit chance per console.
MK XII ultra rare energy specific is +25.5% base damage per console and +8% crit severity or +1.6% Crit chance per console.

The fleet consoles look great for alpha strike escorts but not so good for sci ships or engi+ beam boat. And nobody on the tribble discussion was saying nerf anything including PvP players. what was being discussed is no energy specific consoles locking everyone into 1 weapon type. Think about a sci using DBB on fore and turrets on aft. Using the beam consoles makes the turrets near useless but using cannon consoles makes the DBB's hit for far less losing massive DPS. So they relented and nerfed to cannon, beam, torp, consoles and added energy specific so mixed weapon ships are still viable.

I dont agree with the nerfing of the weapon type specifics, I think they should be the same as energy specific.

Also one of the compliants is 25.5% compared to 30%. on a 5 console ship thats almost a whole console loss. will the crit chance or severity make up the differance? Maybe but making up the differance is not power creep, it is going sideways. If it does gain more DPS then how much more than say MK XII rare consoles? Is it enough to justify the investment in dilithium and FC compared to less than 1 mil EC for the majority of energy types?

Right now until I can see some parse numbers done correctly I will remain skeptical on them being better than MK XII very rare but probably equal to rare.. 1 step forward and 2 steps back comes to mind.
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