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The I.K.S. Lomqa' sat motionless in space. It was a modified B'rel Bird-of-Prey, which simply meant that it had been built out of scavanged parts. It was not an official ship of the Klingon Empire, and could not be traced to any specific fleet or unit, yet it contained only the finest warriors that the Empire had to offer. They were united for the purpose of returning the Klingon Empire to it's former glory, and it's people to the place of highest honor. They were dedicated to the Way of Kahless.

"We are at the designated coordinates, but there is no sign of the Romulans." The Tactical Officer, T'Nacus, reported.

Hegh'yIt, the ships captain, sat silently in the command chair. He was a battle hardened Klingon warrior with over twenty years of service to the Empire. He didn't want to be here, but he had little choice. The galaxy was a big place, and they would need allies in restoring order.

Hegh'yIt breathed deeply, "We wait."

[[OOC - This RP Forum was started to facilitate RP cooperation between two KDF aligned fleets, "The Order of the Watchmen" and the "Romulan Praetorian Guard". However, it's ultimate purpose is to encourage RP among all interested STO players, and recruit new players to our RP fleets. So, we encourage all interested players to join in with the story.]]
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10-19-2013, 01:56 PM
The I.R.W. D'Vinn decloaked on the starboard of the I.K.S. Lomga'. Though it had similarly large amounts of firepower, the D'deridex class D'Vinn was much larger than the B'rel class Lomqa'. A hail came through to the Bird of Prey, "Jolan'tru, General Hegh'yIt, I am Admiral tr'Rllailiiu of the Tal Prai'ex, I assume that you know what we meet of today?"

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10-22-2013, 08:23 AM
Hegh'yIt cringed at the sound of the Romulan's voice. Whether they meant it or not, Romulans always spoke with an air of superiority that made Hegh'yIt want to rip their throat out with his bare hands. However, he did take some solace in the knowledge that despite their feelings of superiority, Romulans died screaming like wounded Targs, unlike a Klingon warrior.

Hegh'yIt nodded towards the view screen, "We have similar goals Admiral, and similar enemies. Would you care to come aboard to discuss them...or does your mistrust require I make my presence aboard your vessel?"

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Admiral tr'Rllailiiu smiled, "It would be a pleasure to speak with you and your crew, General. I shall, of course bring several guards with me, just in case things get out of hand." The transmission was cut off.

The green haze cleared on the transporter pad, a sharp face and a crisp uniform arrived.
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Before heading to the transporter room, Hegh'yIt gave a standing order, "If that Romulan ship twitches, vaporize it."


The figures appeared on the transporter pad, and the pair of War Targs in the corner of the room stood up. Hegh'yIt waved them off, and they laid back down, but they never took their eyes off of the Romulan visitors.

Hegh'yIt looked to Admiral tr'Rllailiiu, keeping his head held high, showing no deference.

"A room has been prepared where we can speak. We can proceed as soon as you are ready."
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"Thank you for your gracious hospitality, General. I look forward to cooperation between us, and I shall see you once I am settled to me quarters." tr'Rllailiiu gestured to Hegh'yIt.
It had begun.
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Hegh'yIt sat in his office going over the notes he had prepared for the meeting. The Romulans had been shown to a small room that they could use to rest and speak in private. The dining area was the largest non-essential room on the ship, and was being utilized for the upcoming meeting. The Lomqa' was a ship-of-war, and not meant for diplomatic encounters, and Hegh'yIt felt that the sooner the meeting concluded, the better.

Hegh'yIt keyed his intercom and called for K'Bar, his First Officer. The old, battle hardened warrior appeared a moment later.

"Sir!" K'Bar stood at attention before his captain's desk. Hegh'yIt motioned for him to relax, and then stared at him for a brief moment.

"We are seeking to restore the honor of the old Empire. I hesitate to take a step that might tarnish the reputation of this young Order we have created." Although it was made as a statement, Hegh'yIt was seeking counsel from his old friend.

K'Bar breathed deeply before speaking. "When a warrior fights to save his honor, he will use an honorable weapon. When a warrior fights to save his family, he will use whatever he can. The Empire is dying from the inside, it's honor being eaten away by these petaq' who lead from the safety of their politically stained seats. We need to act, because no one else will. These Romulans are a tool, a weapon, we should use them, and if they become a stain to our honor, toss them away."

Hegh'yIt considered his friend for a moment. "Return to your station."
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Datlh`LaH brought the I.K.S Batlh Bo`degh out of warp. He had not flown the bird of prey since it was decommissioned. He had kept the ship for certain missions he might have to take. It was faster, more maneuverable and could cloak. For missions that required more...tact, it was the perfect vessel.

"Let's get this over with," Datlh`LaH muttered. "What do we have on sensors?"

"Sensors detecting two vessels. One looks Klingon the other looks...Romulan," his conn officer, Annozid replied.

"Well then," Datlh`LaH's lip curled into a tight smile, "This is the right place."

"Your orders sir?" A huge gorn shifted from his console.

"Hail Hegh`yIt. Tell him, Datlh`LaH has arrived and would be pleased to take part in these negotiations."

"Yes sir," The Gorn focused on his station, "Hail sent."
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"Sir, General Datlh'LaH has just arrived and is advising he would be honored to participate in the discussions with the Romulans."

Hegh'yIt felt a wave of relief sweep over him with this news. Although Datlh'LaH exercised a little less restraint than he, it would be good to have his experience and wisdom involved in these discussions.

"Signal the General, advise him that the Romulans are aboard and we would be honored by his presence."
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As General Datlh`LaH waited for a response he surveyed his crew. They had come quite far in the years he had been with them. He had stopped referring them to Orions and Gorn and Klingons with clear places in the Empire. He no longer viewed the Gorn or Orions as inferior to Klingon prowess, rather, he viewed them as equals.

"Sir," His Gorn officer replied, "We have recieved permission to beam to the Klingon bird of prey. The Romulan represenative is already on board."

"Excellent," Datlh`LaH stirred. He would have to remember that lesson of equals as he dealt with the Romulan. He didn't promise it would last long, but he would try. "Beam me over."


Datlh`LaH felt the hum of the transporter beam. Next, he was on board the I.K.S Lomqa`

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