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I decided to make my romulan a RP character. I'm currently on the Cardassian plot, and have completed the mission "Crack in the Mirror". For those who don't remember, it is the one where the prophets says you have to switch a Orb with one on the mirror universe and then ends. I know the mission which continues this is "The Other Side" mission. However it is not made available to be played by romulans. I realize not all missions the Federation would handle for a romulan to do. But this one seens like a mission that should have been included for romulans to play, since it is a mission continuing the history. For a RP point of view, Sisko made the request for the player to carry the mission. I think this would heavily weight for the federation letting the romulan player to handle it

So any chance of having the mission "The Other Side" be made available for Romulans to play?
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