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10-28-2013, 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by capnshadow27 View Post

this is a partial optimized build. Use this to alter as you see fit then save it. We cant help without this. Pictures say nothing we cant scroll over it and see whats what.

Also are you in a fleet?
What level is said fleet?
Can you join a fleet?
can you join a higher level good guy fleet?

Answer this and adjust as neccessary, if you need help with STOacademy, there is help on that page.

So hop to and help us help you.
Quoting myself obviously, pretty sure these where basic questions that where important in helping you make a build, so we know what you have access too. If you felt like this was talking down to you then you must be pretty confused.

And i give you a +1 for one-upping everything i said. Cause now you look like someone who has been so "wrongly" accused and downtrodden.

Alas we here are knocked for out bitter tendencies on the forum, but then again most people are so stubborn and obstinate that points need to be inserted vigorously.

We try and help you "newbies" but you argue everything like you know better so then we proceed to respond with hostility excatlating the situation.

Welcome to how the internet and most forums work, you think we are bad? try 4chan.....
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10-28-2013, 08:29 PM
What hostilities have we brought upon you?

Your the one who is disregarding the advice we give you..

Good luck, have fun,
Chive on and prosper, eh?

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10-28-2013, 08:43 PM
...However, the constant attacks on me and my inexperience were never necessary.
Care to mention where all the constant attacks came from? You build was really rough to start with, but from what I saw there was a fair amount of restraint. We could have been a hell of a lot meaner. But you came to us for help, so we tried.

You did overreact to Shadow's response though. Myself, I have no job, no life, no girlfriend, no hope, and only a part time responsibility babysitting for my roommates, I get to see a lot of interaction, because I've spent almost the past month here in this very forum reading posts, occasionally responding, all trying to learn builds for myself, and hopefully pass on what I learn to others. I've also seen a LOT of different interactions between people.

In all honesty, people have been reasonably kind to you on this thread. One person expressed your offense to something you said, and then you tried to one up him in your own response. The explosion wasn't really necessary.

Sure, a couple people are a little stricter with their opinions and advice than others, that can happen. Instead of letting it get to you, just let it go by. Don't take it personally. Those aren't really attacks. Harsh opinions, maybe, but that's all.

Lastly, Shadow has a good point, you COULD take your questions to the video game section of 4chan. Just don't act surprised when they use deeply hateful terminology as "the Collective ******* of The Internets" takes a dump all over you.
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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Firstly, be proud! You're part of the few, the stubborn, the Federation Dreadnought Captains.

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