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I am unable to collect the rewards or otherwise turn-in and complete this Daily mission.
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10-27-2013, 02:59 PM
I'm having the same issue.
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Inventory Full - Unable to Resolve mission

I receive the above error, even though my inventory is not full, neither is my duty officer roster, marks, etc., nothing is full. Why am I unable to complete the mission and collect the Commendation so that I can contribute it to my Dyson Reputation?

Also noticed that on the Inventory - Assets tab, it lists Omega, Romulan, and Nukara marks, then there is a space followed by a line listing the number of Dyson Joint Command Commendations, but there is no listing for Dyson Marks. Was this intentional? Could this have something to do with the reason the mission won't complete? I have been able to collect Dyson marks playing some of the mini missions in space and on the ground in the battlezone.

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10-27-2013, 04:16 PM
I am having the same" Inventory Full Unable to Resolve mission "Allied Zone (Daily)" error.

I notice that it says we will receive "Dyson Joint Command Commendation", but it is listed as Dyson Commendation on our Assets tab of the Inventory, not sure if it would be something that simple?

Also I assume that blank spot should be for Dyson Marks?

Just noticed that there is another thread on this issue as well: and per that thread it is a known bug.

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ok i had this the other day it must of been fixed in one of the patches.

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