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# 1 T5- Dreadnought or T'Varo?
10-29-2013, 11:32 PM
To give you an idea of my play style, my main is a fed engineer in an escort. My Klingon toon in an engineer in a BoP. I'm loving the warbirds on my Romulan, even if they don't turn as well as my Defiant-R.

I've bought C-Store ships as I leveled and bought the new Ar'kala when I got to Commander. It's not as pretty as the D'deridex I flew on tribble, but it's fun to fly.

Now that I've hit VA I'm trying to decide what T5 ship to get The dreadnoughts seem to do a sick amount of damage in ESTFs and they look cool. But, if I get the T'Varo retrofit I will get the 2-piece console set. Plus, my Rom is a Fed Rom who will join my fed f leet. IIRC there is a Fleet T'Varo that is very similar to my Fed's trusty fleet Defiant.

What do you guys think?

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