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I had some time to deal with the Dyson rep today and I have to say after doing the 1 big project once and the small one about 20 times I have to say slotting those projects is so much more superior to the other reputations. But theres 1 problem...

The only projects that are going to not have comodoties is Dyson until season 9 and in season 9 there will also be another reputation added.

Why not lose the commodoties for Rom, Omega, and Nukara rep. Keep the marks as is, no need to replace the marks for the large project with a single token. The unlocks can be left alone, and no commodoties for the small project, just EXP and EC. After season 8 there will be time to make reputation simpler and simpler is what will be needed because there will be a fifth reputation added. For new players having 5 reputation's and all the grinding required will be a major turn off for them.

So instead of fixing Rom, Omega, and Nukara in season 9 while adding a new rep spend that time making all rep easier to complete atleast the single large project everyday leaving the small one for those who want to fast track that particular rep.
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