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# 1 Build help for newbie
10-29-2013, 10:07 AM
I just recently started and got my first cap (engi) to level 50, around there I found science ships... and haven't gone back. here's my current ship/build

- The empty device is a nimbus pirates distress call

I want to get a fleet RSV, and a fleet wep set/ fleet warp core but those can wait for a while, I want to get my build layout down

I like having the two DBB and rapid fire transphasic torp in bow, lets me rip apart borg right now using grav well / trac beam / target shields / overcharged torps

I don't want to go suppot sci build hiding in the back rank rearly firing shots (ie healing / holding the enemies down) I want to be doing that while in the thick of the fighting exchanging fire with Klingon Negh'Vars

any tips on what to go for next?
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10-29-2013, 10:48 AM
The Nimbus Pirate Distress Call can remain in your inventory and still function.

The only thing I would suggest is replacing the two beam arrays in the back with more turrets, to give you a bit more firepower at whatever you're shooting at. Off the bat, everything else looks okay to me.
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10-29-2013, 10:56 AM
Right off the bat:

If you're going to run transphasic torps (maybe even add a second rapid-fire torp and add some projectile doffs), why not run the Breen 2-piece for the extra transphasic damage? Deflector plus engine, then keep your covariant shield.

Replacing the rear beam arrays with turrets will better concentrate your firepower in your fore arc, and you can still do subsystem targeting with your fore DBB.

Mask Energy Signature is mostly a waste except in specialized situations, as is the stealth console you've supplemented it with. Drop MES, upgrade your TSS to 2, then add Polarize Hull 1 for breaking tractor locks.

Find a way to get Emergency Power To Shields in your eng slots somewhere. The heal is nice, but more important is the damage-reduction when under focused fire.

Viral Matrix, some people love it, I'm not a fan for PVE work (doesn't last long enough to be worth the slot on big heavy targets, IMHO anyways). If you do keep it, see about getting a Systems Engineer doff to prolong the effects.

And the Nimbus Pirate Call is an item, not a device. Just have in your inventory somewhere and you can use it.
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10-29-2013, 11:16 AM
If you want to do damage with torps you should run plasma or quantum trans and chron have the lowest dps of torps in the game second if you want to do dps go for and escort or cruiser sci ships have the lowest dps output in game and are worthless in stf's unless you have a tac or sci in them to boost their dps output. Scmb and Vm are worthless in stf's against high level bosses they are immune and don't work for pve those are pretty much pvp powers.
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10-30-2013, 09:24 AM
:facepalm: I didn't know nimbus pirates worked in inv, that frees up a slot for some shield bats

I am planning on swapping out the beams on the stern for turrets or something... even though they look ugly...

I don't plan on keeping ther transphasic torp, I'm planning on swaping it out for a quantum... once I have the money. I went with the jem hadar engines because they buff wep power levels, although as an engi I got power levels through the roof everywhere...

mabye I could get the breen cryo engines and cluster torp, then stick the cluster torp in teh stern... playing dive bomber could get fun that way, dive in fire a grav well to suck all ships together, then a torp spread from the quantums doing massive AOE damage all the while firing DBB at strongest target, then pass by and drop a overloaded cluster torp on the group, evasive manuverse and photnic decoy, fall back, rinse, repeat... hmm...

I like MES for the defencive buff it gives when dropping stealth, I could combine that with EP2S for ~50% defencive buff... but I'll try out your suggestion to see how it works.

I was experimenting with viral matrix, didn't really seem to do anything so I'll likely be swapping it out for something else, mabye tykens rift or energy drain...

sci ships have the lowest dps output in game and are worthless in stf's unless you have a tac or sci in them to boost their dps output.
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10-30-2013, 11:12 AM
You would be better with the Mirror Deep Space Science Vessel over your current. Using only one Beam weapon for subsystem targeting and the rest being kinetic dmg. Put your Universal Console in the Tactical Console slots and set weapon power to 25%.

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