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KDF: I have several Doff's that just won't come up as available for assignments when I need specific doffs, such a telekinesis, shroud, and photonic. I have Adak'Ukan and Tosk (shrouds), Seggis and Sterling Renard (telekinetics) and Gertrude and Ghost of Hamlet's Father (Photonics), and they are all on my reserve roster, however, when I am setting up doff assignments and need a shroud or telekinetic, etc., they don't appear as available so I don't have a doff for those spots. I've tried making them active by using the space/ground (5 each) roster slots but they won't come up as available for that either, and while doing doff assignments "display entire reserve roster" won't make them available? What am I doing wrong?
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# 2 Same Faction?
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This happened to me as well. I discovered that I had not selected "show only usable" or "show appropriate" or something like that when I bought them on the exchange. They ended up being DOFFS that would work just fine with the Klingon side, but not the Federation.


Look about mid page and you'll see some very slight color differences between Klingon and Federation border colors.

Also note that your selection of "show usable" or whatever the terminology doesn't stick between sessions. You can select it one time, leave the room or fly somewhere else, come back and the exchange will still show you items you can't use-but can certainly buy.

I discovered this after spending about 1.5 million on the "perfect Doffs." Well, at least I recovered most of my money. Just sell yours back at a discount.

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