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10-31-2013, 03:35 PM
I like my Klingon character and I would buy more C-Store stuff if it was actually developed. The problem is it's a catch 22 situation. Players don't spend because they don't see enough reason too and Cryptic won't put much dev time into it because in the past it didn't sell well. I'm looking forward to the new Klingon ship but what I'd really like to see are some new science orientated ships, and not just Gorn or Orion/Naussican stuff. The reason why I will never buy Gorn/Orion etc ships is because I play a KLINGON and I want to fly KLINGON ships!

Some new uniform options wouldn't go amiss either.

The Klingon faction has the potential to be completely epic, Alpha was a good example of how good Klingon focussed content can be. I want to see power struggles on the high council, maybe even a civil war (would be a good way to get a new chancellor and put an end to this stupid war with the feds) like in TNG: Redemption and work with your former enemies "for the good of the Empire!" Especially with Michael Dorn now doing VO work... awesome .

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10-31-2013, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by rahmkota19 View Post
1. KDF content is better than Fed content.
2. KDF has some of the most powerful vessels, like the Guramba and the B'rel.
3. KDF NEEDS more ships. It has a lack of choice compared to Fed.

4. Don't be so annoying with keeping posting and posting without anybody commenting between. There is a simple Edit button.
I disagree regarding the Guramba being 'amongst the most powerful vessels'. It is essentially the same as the dilithium-bought Patrol Escort (the only stat differences are a tiny amount of hull increase, 1 less turnrate, and 10 more inertia), but it costs 2500 zen. That Javelin is only good for PvE, and even then it's got limitations by dint of its massive turnrate decrease from Siege mode. The weapon power drain only works in Siege mode, as well.

The only reason the Guramba seems powerful is because the only other reasonable comparison is the bloody Qin Raptor with the particularly borked turn axis and mediocre boff layout (same as the Tactical Escort Refit). Compared to that, the Guramba kicks butt. It's barely equivalent with the Federation C-Store escort options.

The B'rel is now outperformed in the tactical sense by the T'Varo, though the B'rel still 'leads' when it comes to using a sci build from cloak. The thing is, the main point of flying a B'rel was to be able to fire torps and mines from cloak. . .again, something that the T'Varo now does better.

The KDF definitely needs more ships, though, especially in the raptor/destroyer line and the science ship line. A Lethean science ship or destroyer would be a nice, same with the Ferasans. A Gorn destroyer would be cool, too, we only have science ships from the Gorn.
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10-31-2013, 07:05 PM
Originally Posted by ufpterrell View Post
and put an end to this stupid war with the feds
you had me on your side till you said this. if the war ends I want a 3rd faction that is at war with both or all maybe the Maquis. they seemed to take all and fought who ever they needed to fight.

I also play as a Klingon and I have all the zen Klingon design ships. and would get more if they were available. pretty much all the kdf stuff outfits zen Academy, lobi korath or fleet store Bortas a few lobi for skirts for Female bridge officers and im out of options.

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11-01-2013, 12:58 AM
Ty for replies so far. First off orion women are good but klink ladies are just better all round lol. Dunno why maybe just me.

From what ive seen the power creep here means yes kligo. Shops need a bit of a pass over so kdf players can get same weapon/ boff layouts the feds have. Perhaps not heaps of new ships but a tweak to some and a couple new with at least 1 proper science.

I play klingon and i would like klingon varients as i love the look of there design, but thats just personal. As to profitability, players cant buy whats not there and wont buy klingon if its not analogus to the other side. Ships with fed parity would sell however i feel as thats a common thread to alot of posts ive read.

Finally i reserve the righ to be as annoying as i want as i want to spend money on the klingons and want cryptic to know this lol. I think lots of others would spend money on comparable ingon content. Prhaps not as much as feds but enough to be a nice side line of profit

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