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Greetings all,

With the new carrier out, I am looking for a guideline on pet mechanics. I saw people talking about stars and everything but I can't get a post or guide to come up my searches.

For example, what happens when they are destroyed, regen rate, etc.
I also saw that Emergency Powers affect them but for 10 secs?

Thanks for your help!

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11-01-2013, 08:49 AM
Here's the intro to the interface, which applies to all carriers. The exact numbers have been tweaked since that blog (notably, they reversed the loss in base effectiveness), but the general information is still mostly accurate.

Emergency Power to Whatever only affects your pets if you have the 3-piece Obelisk set installed (which means that you need to purchase the Advanced Obelisk from the Lobi store... and then probably fly that because then there's no reason to fly the free one instead).

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