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So there I was in a ground environment and trying to switch to my exploit weapon with a nice nudge on my Z button just to see it didn't work.

After some wtf? and finding out that weapon switch per mouseclick on the tiny button still works I found out someone decided the new standard bind for Z is now 'boffs attack my target'.

But that is not the bug. The bug is what I encountered when trying to change it back to what I am used to.

First I didn't see that Z is now used for the other function at all, just that the switch weapons option under keyboard options was blanked. Naturely I tried to remap Z to it first. Only to get no error message whatsoever and still a blank option.

Even the missing error message is not 'the' bug.

After checking through the whole keyboad layout and discovering the new keybind the mess really started. I tried to remap 'boff attack my target' to something else and switch weapons to Z again.
But it 'looked' like neither of them changed, only changes that showed up directly in the keyboard options were when I mapped it to things like CTRL+key.
However despite those changes not showing up somehow they carried to my keybinds when closing the options, leading to some hilarious results, like tapping Z once for switching weapons twice and other fun things.

Enjoy figuring that out. o_O

Disclaimer: I actually use a qwertz keyboard so anytime I wrote Z above it meant Y for me, I just translated it for your convenience. Just mentioned it in case it is related to the strange behavior.

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