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# 1 Skills effecting weapon procs
11-02-2013, 11:18 AM
Hi all,

I was unable to get a clear understanding browsing the forums, so I thought I'd ask.

Do skills such as Flow Capacitors, Starship Particle Generators, Starship Countermeasure Systems, and Starship Subspace decompilers effect the procs (shield drain, plasma damage, subsystem offline, energy drain) from Tetyron, Polaron, Phaser, and disruptor weapons?

Thanks for your help!

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# 2
11-02-2013, 11:36 AM
Flow caps -> Tetryon and polaron procs.
Weapons skills -> Plasma proc

Short and easy answer.
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# 3
11-02-2013, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by dechala1 View Post
Hi all,

I was unable to get a clear understanding browsing the forums, so I thought I'd ask.

Do skills such as Flow Capacitors, Starship Particle Generators, Starship Countermeasure Systems, and Starship Subspace decompilers effect the procs (shield drain, plasma damage, subsystem offline, energy drain) from Tetyron, Polaron, Phaser, and disruptor weapons?

Thanks for your help!

There are mutiple weapon-procs, which are enhanced by skills: Tetryons Shield drain is stronger with Flow-Capacitator, Anti-Proton (+20% CrtD) is boosted by Energy-Weapon Specialization and so on.

For other weapons I can't confirm that the procs are enhanced by specific Skills.
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11-02-2013, 12:20 PM
Thanks for the help!
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11-02-2013, 01:07 PM
The lazy way of answering your question is to quote myself from an old (as far as forum threads go) posting. The last sentence under each damage type indicates which skill benefits which proc.

Originally Posted by breadandcircuses View Post
Sorry about the wall-o-text, but I wanted to give enough info on each to let you pick what's right for you.

My thoughts are on damage type is to go with how your skills are set up. The procs shouldn't be the key to your success, but you should still choose a damage type that works well with your skills. Basically:

These are popular for the simple reason that the "proc" is actually just another [CrtD] mod, which should take effect far more often than any other proc that has the basic 2.5% chance. In addition, DHC's generally have a lower per shot proc rate than other weapons since they only fire 2 shots per volley, leading to less chance of getting those proc types; however, since Antiproton gets a [CrtD], they are the only damage type that gets an increase in proc damage to balance the lower rate of per shot procs applying. If you have a high Energy Weapons Specialization skill, you get even more benefit.

These are very popular for two main reasons. First is the "force multiplier" effect that many folks on the PvP threads mention. Basically this means that the debuff allows the entire team to do more damage to the target, from all sources, which has a greater benefit when working together. The second reason is that there are a wide variety of variants available, which allows you to run a pseudo-rainbow ship as far as procs. The variety of debuffs you can apply this way is impressive, but does come at the cost of additional mods for your weapons. The Silent Enemy weapon/weapon/console 2-peice set bonus provides a bonus to disruptor damage, and is available through the Lobi store. To my knowledge, these get minimal benefit from your weapon skills, but can be useful regardless of skillset.

These are pretty much a matter of luck. The disable effect can be lethal if you get the right one at the right time (disabled Auxiliary when your target needs Hazard Emitters, for example), or can keep you from exploding at others (disabled Weapons during an Alpha, for example). Unfortunately, if you're fighting a Fed captain you are likely to get a very short duration out of it thanks to Leadership, and pretty much everyone has some Subsystem Repair and Inertial Dampeners, if not batteries and Emergency Power abilities as a counter. In theory this benefits from Subspace Decompiler skill (though I have yet to personally invest enough to see any difference), and might be good for a Science disabler.

These are nice for the plasma burn effect that ignores shields. You can do some hull damage as you are working your way through shields, and therefore this proc always has some effect on your target. You can get ridiculous increases to damage by combining Plasma Infusers, Romulan Singularity Harness weapon/weapon/console 2-piece, and Romulan Science consoles. This is balanced to some extent by the innate resistances of the Omega Reputation shields that many players use until they can gain access to Adaptive shields, and the burn is cleared by Hazard Emitters. The proc benefits from your weapons skills, and also (interestingly) Particle Generators w/Auxiliary power settings*.

The power drain proc stacks with other drains such as the Plasmonic Leech, Energy Siphon and Tyken's Rift; great for vampire builds. You can gain damage beyond the Tac consoles by running the Jem'Hadar Space Set deflector/engine/shield 2-piece bonus, and are helpful against Romulans since they usually suffer from lower power levels to start with. The down side is that it power drain is resisted by Power Insulators, which most folks will have at least 3 ranks/54 skill in thanks to constantly fighting Borg and Tholians during PvE play. They benefit from the Flow Capacitors skill, which is low-cost and usually maxed if you run the Plasmonic Leech anyway.

The shield drain proc can be a great way to get through shields for a torpedo-boat, or simply against ships that constantly distribute shields since it drains every shield facing. You can gain increased damage by running the Nukara Appropriated Munitions weapon/weapon/console 2-piece set bonus. Like Polarons, however, this proc is resisted by the Power Insulators skill, and if your target already lost their shields the proc has no effect. Tetryon damage bonuses do improve the damage of the T5 Nukara Reputation ability Refracting Tetryon Cascade, but do not change the shield drain effect from the Omega Force deflector/engine/shield 2-piece set bonus Tetryon Glider. Flow Capacitors increases shield drain from the proc, as with all shield drain effects.

*This was tested by comparing power settings on characters with and without the Particle Generators skill. My character without any investment in Particle Generators did not have as high a proc damage, and power settings did not affect this proc. My character with investment in Particle Generators did see variation in proc damage based on Auxiliary power, both on plasma weapons and the Romulan Science console proc. My conclusion is that the bonus from Particle Generators is itself affected by Auxiliary power levels. This makes the MMSV's Aux DHC's look like a nice compliment to the Romulan Science consoles that add the plasma proc, assuming investment in Particle Generators as well.
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