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11-02-2013, 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
So where, in the Obelisk model, exactly, is this huge alien grey drab relic bridge with a huge vaulted dome ceiling supposed to be? This model is another example of unfinished nonfunctional structure. The exterior is all straight line, nothing like the arches and circles of the interior. Pretty sure we have seen the interior floor in ancient temples and medieval ruins.

The ship is very small compared to other carriers which is strange for a strategic asset.

So the biggest ship in the game is very small ? OOOk

And for all we know its in the very centre of the ship with other decks above and below, we dont know the builders preference on that.
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11-02-2013, 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by kelshando View Post
The Atrox is the ONLY 2500z ship that doesn't have a console. I think they need to give the Atrox a frigate pet my self.. but it line with other sci carriers... at least giveit a console..
Considering most of the consoles aren't worth much and are promptly thrown out by most "serious" (re: forum-going) players in favor of one of the rep consoles or the leech, I don't know if that's much of an impediment. My Regent's console has been rotting in the bank for over a year, and in all likelihood that is where it will remain.

Additionally this hobbling is probably to try to appease the KDF about Starfleet getting a carrier at all.
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11-02-2013, 08:15 PM
also, supplemental to the post above, the B'rel is 2500 zen and doesnt have a console
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11-02-2013, 08:21 PM
The obelisk bridge is located within the sphere thing in front.
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11-04-2013, 03:43 AM
I dunno about you guys, but last I checked (about a month ago), the Atrox was 2000Z only.

I'm OK with my catboat, but as I'm more an escort man (wait, that came out wrong...) I don't have much use for it except when I want to fly something BIG.

I would like this carrier if it resembled ANYTHING AT ALL THAT BELONGS IN STAR TREK
Actually, it does look a lot like a Star Trek ship...just not anything Starfleet built, which is just fine because the Caitians built it. Just as the Vulcans built the magnificent Dicker and the Andorians built the Koomi and the Tholians built the Triangle Spider and the Jammies built the Bug, Bug Senior and Bug Junior.

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