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Hi, I have a KDF Orion toon, but haven''t yet leveled her...
I also don't have access to a cloak on my FED toon;

So I have no idea how CPBII (for example) would affect a cloaked KDF player.
I understand that Flow Capacitor skill, and high Aux will damage shields more. (which i believe is not significant damage anyway*might be wrong on the meager shield damage, please correct me if you feel this is untrue)
The Decompilier skill will affect the length of time the KDF ship will not be able to cloak...

How long would a KDF ship not be able cloak, after being caught with a CPB II
* Minimal skill investment into Decompiler (2 or 3 skill points invested).

Just wondering if equipping the skill is even useful...If the cloak is knocked out for less then 20 secs, I'm thinking this skill is kind of pointless.
So, how long on average would a KDF (or FED) for that matter, be unable to use his/her cloak after being hit with CPBII or CPBI

Reason I want the skill is situational, its going to go on a reserve boff I have purchased....
Just wondering if the 60sec cooldown on CPB makes it almost useless ? Would seem like a long cooldown if the KDF ship in question can just cloak again secs later.

also I undersand the range is only 5k
Any experienced CPB'ers have an opinon on this topic ?

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