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11-07-2013, 04:59 AM
Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
It just goes from shooting battles to, say, who can pick the most flowers in 5 minutes!
Makes about as much sense as starting with a war in the backstory and tutorial and going to kumbiya fireside choirs in five minutes without any storyline to explain it.

It does perfectly fit the nonsensical design of the game though. Who needs a story that makes sense as long as the players buy the next shiny doodad that rolls off the assembly line?
Its all aboit the bling and the posturing is all I can can figure. " Look at me! I'm in the newest starship (advanced uber deluxe addition) stomping the games unchallenging poor excuse for NPCs with just finger and a spacebar. Revel in my majesty"

The PvE in STO is about as fun as the broken PvP. Both are underdeveloped and boring, existing as platform only to explain why you should buy the next shiney toy without any real need for it.
This game needs challenge. It needs a sense of achievment. It needs its fun back.
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11-07-2013, 05:04 AM
Really, I don't think they should have ever gone with all-out war to begin with - as it was, things seemed more like a cold war with occasional incidents.
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11-07-2013, 05:29 AM
Originally Posted by fenr00k View Post
But for a few skirmishes, there is no war. It makes no sense within the story as things stand, it would make more sense for there to be some form of tentative truce (NOT a full on alliance, history has demonstrated (story line here) that the KDF struggle with been true allies with the federation.

PvP however shouldn't be scrapped. It just needs changing to war games, holodeck combat readyness training etc. Could even add some cross faction teaming PvP under the guise of captains learning to fight alongside the other factions ready for battle with the Borg etc. This would make far more sense within the storyline, and allow for more types of PvP rather than less. For PvP to have the right feel, it really does need to fit within the ACTUAL storyline, rather than feeling artificial as the whole Fed/KDF war does.

There also needs to be a divide between how skills/ships/equipment behave in PvE and PvP. This is the only way to ever be able to get close to true balance in PvP without turning PvE into a huge grind fest of frustration. Other games managed this, so I am sure it is doable. Just have a switch that nerfs/buffs skills/ships/equipment appropriately when in PvP or PvE zones. An instant end to the arguing between the primarily PvP players and the primarily PvE players over what's op and what's up...

Now you wont catch me playing PvP content, been there, done that, experienced the so called trash talk and trolling you get in PvP communities and found it completely ruined what otherwise would have been fun (half the time the trolls are on your own team, and are just bad players taking their rage out on somebody else for their own failures....). I used to play a game that was mainly PvP focused, the trolling and flaming has pretty much been the death of the game, the few people that still play do so for the tiny bit of PvE content. If full on PvPers want to see more folks joining them, they need to realise that the folks they snidely refer to as "care bears" are the majority, and don't want the trash talking and trolling. If you want PvP to be attractive to folks like me, all you need to do is start been pleasant and friendly, try comments like "bad luck there, better luck next time!" rather than "ha ha, you fail loser! I pwned you! Uninstall now loser!". What I am saying here is that it's not actually lack of updates, options etc, that kill PvP, it's the awful darn attitudes of a large number of those who like PvP over PvE, the folks who PvP not for the fun of the match, but for the "fun" of finding some way to briefly feel superior over others. We see the same folks on these very forums, the so called "keyboard warriors" who like to use arguments like calling people fan boys etc, rather than actual structuring a logical argument. It's far easier to dismiss somebody you disagree with apparently by just writing them off as a fan boy, or a care bear etc etc etc.

Queue flame posts telling me to QQ carebear, which will just prove my point. Or, more likely, my post will just be totally ignored, the other way to avoid having to structure a logical argument. lol

they sounds like elitists who spend so much time crafting their setups to perfection, it is as if everyone should be in awe of their ships and abilities, but you know what? it is laughable to say the least.

as for comments, "why should i be concerned by what others think about my opinion and comment? that is not for me to be concerned about it, if they have so much trouble accepting it? that is their issue and i got nothing to defend. leave em to their crying." in this game everyone is in it for themselves, even those supposed fleet mates have their own goals and ideas, no one person is ever 100% in agreement no matter what. so what if a few people want to mess about, move around them and leave em to it, but if someone is genuine and really needs help, you shouldn't see it as if it was like the last person otherwise you get the situation where ironically you become the problem your avoiding.

i used to spend years on return to castle wolfenstein enemy territory and that was pure PVP with ww2 allies and axis forces in an arcade style shooting war. i was quite partial to the mortar as long as i would get regular ammo drops from supply officers. failing that watching the chat as someone killed someone else with the panzerfaust and a comments like "panzer n00b." came up quite regularly and occasionally having an enemy player running across me building something and standing right on the construction attempting to stab me as i 'engineered them into oblivion'. i also used to play BF2 before bf3 and bf4 came out, and did well there as well shooting t90 shells at helis and jet fighters with a fair degree of success. getting nostalgic for the old days... but i used to play a lot of pvp in the day and sto pvp in comparison is awful to truly wretched.

should sto pvp be considered for an upgrade, it would have to be something really amazing otherwise it will probably fail hard.
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11-07-2013, 08:19 AM
Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
Really, I don't think they should have ever gone with all-out war to begin with - as it was, things seemed more like a cold war with occasional incidents.
possibly they should not have but they did and the it was left ignored for other content that did nothing to help, leaving the players with a poor idea of what went on before the crossfaction content arrived with no idea why we even had hostilities.
That needs to be corrected.
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11-07-2013, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by earlofthar View Post

PVP is the least expensive, and easiest way to let people entertain themselves


-Falls over laughing at that statement-
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11-07-2013, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by azniadeet View Post
There are too many players who obsess over their builds to ridiculous ends, and when the more casual player sets foot in an arena, they are decimated. Nobody wants to play like that. PvP just isn't fun for the average player against the minority of professionals who dominate it..
Exactly. And since Cryptic always puts the best gear behind paywalls of lobi or whatever, only a rich bored few will keep up with that. PvP is for the gaming whales with the biggest resources of money and time. Sure Id love to face off against a human in the big chair of an opposing ship over a mindless AI ship, but Im not committing THAT much time and money into this game. Cryptic provides a product that is just "good enough" for a Star Trek fan to have fun in. Since they don't want to give a big effort into this game in every aspect of it, I don't feel the need to put in a big effort of grind time and money to feel like a big shot in it.
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11-07-2013, 10:06 AM
A similar thing that is the dyson sphere territory control with rep system attached should be made for the fed and kdf and with a space between the fed and kdf like a neutral zone or battlezone. Open pvp for ships and ground tho you have to have a mutual accept policy to have a fight. Should be good enough for the pvp crowd and maybe would help pve only players like me participate in. Duno why they need to keep adding a new enemy when the whole war was suppose to be fed vs klingons.

Just me 2 pence worth.
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11-07-2013, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by earlofthar View Post
I recently read the interview with Geko that included that large decline in players on holodeck. And one of the remarks about poss ending the Klingon/Fed war in 2014... and here is my thought.

Someone need to take him by the shoulders and shake him and scream PVP!!!!
Um...no. Why don't they start with fixing the damn bugs that have been here since beta? Plus, your original post seems a bit self serving, arrogant, and assumptive. Is there any evidence that will lend credence to your assumption that PVP will save the game? Solid facts, not assumptions, not hearsay, not opinions.
On the subject of Abramsverse stuff in STO: http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/07...l-rivera-part/
And more reasons against JJ Trek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiQ9piVgtWM
And even more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REOjxvQPQNQ

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11-07-2013, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by johnnymo1 View Post
Please end the war, allow PVP to be training events, that allow for all factions to compete against all other factions, including their own. The super minority of players who do pvp, please stop trying to hijack the game for the 98% of players who do not pvp.
You're delusional buddy, turning PvP into co-op 'training' missions isn't going to convince the 98% who abhor PvP to magically start PvP'ing. It would be nice if Cryptic started making co-op PvE storyline mission but as they can barely pump out 10 faction specific missions per season I think the concept is beyond their grasp, as this online single player game is beyond mine.

PvP was the only reason I started to play this game, and the lack of direction by Crypric for PvP and the power creep is the reason I stopped playing. The franchise name alone isn't enough to keep my interest.
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11-07-2013, 11:39 AM
Although I do love PvP (just not in STO because of how poorly implemented it is), I do not think it will be the savior of the game, but rather part of the savior.

This game suffers from five critical problems that are not getting fixed:

1- Lack of a rewarding, re-playable, and enjoyable end-game (PvP, Raid PvE, Random Encounters, etc..).
2- Lack of finely polished basal systems (crafting, exploration, PvP, UGC, and endgame).
3- Lack of any sort of social meta-game that a strong MO has (This is an artifact of heavily instanced games that force teamwork rather than promote it).
4- Lack of serious updates to previously introduced systems (Cryptic has always been one to just move on to the next big thing leaving most everything behind in a relatively skeletal and semi-finished state).
5- Lack of serious effort about bug control and fixes (The we got most of them approach).

As long as these three aspect keep getting ignored or developed slowly, people will just move on. New shinies are nice, but if there is nothing to do with them besides the same exact thing you did forever to get them, they are useless.

To the doomsayers and the praisers, my opinion is in the middle. This game is not going to suddenly up and die, it is also not going to have a great longevity. What we will see until those critical problems are fixed is a slow and steady bleed until the game is unprofitable.

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