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11-08-2013, 02:50 AM
Originally Posted by ruminate00 View Post
That was a rhetorical question. 25.5% and +1.6% crit is, infact, better than 30%.

4.5% is a multiplier of a weapon's base damage. Base damage of a weapon is calculated before MK upgrades, DMG mods, and skill training.

1.6% is a multiplier of your total damage. Total damage occurs after MK upgrades, DMG mods, console bonuses, and skill training. This multiplier is further enhanced the more crit damage % you have.

4.5% of a base 100 is 4.5.
1.6% of a total 500 is 8.
1.6%, with a crit damage multiplier of 150%, is 12.
I'm not really sold on that. 1.6% is added to your critical chance, not your severity right?
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