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B?Rel Retrofit build

Universal Commander TT1, APB1, HY3, DPB3

Universal Lt. Commander JS1, HE2, GW1

Universal Lt. EPTE1, RSP1

Universal Lt. EPTE1, ASF1

Forward weapons: Breen Cluster, Chroniton, Romulan Rep, Quantum

Aft Weapons: Nucara Mine, Tractor Mine

Power levels: Max Auxiliary with everything else going to engines

Tactical Consoles: 2 Torp Boosters and one Mine Booster

Science Consoles: Aceton, Theta Radiation Vents, Antimatter Spread

Engineering Consoles: neutronium, Subspace Integration Circuit, Nadeon Detonator

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, Red Matter Capacitor

Honor Guard Engines

Honor Guard Deflector

Adapted Maco Shield

The above is a build that I'm thinking about using with my B'rel Retro that has been collection dust for some time.

Please let me know what you think.

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