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# 1 BCTC - I still have a dream!
11-09-2013, 05:21 AM
Hi all,

Though I lost some of my mates helping me, which affected my timetable somewhat, I still would like to devise the Territory Control which I shared with you all a while ago.

Before I really set myself to task, I need to ask.

- Am I wasting my time? If I create something for the community, would you be willing to support it for the sake of just helping someone else realise a dream?

- Is Boot Camp relevant? If not, what did we do wrong?

Boot Camp is something very important to me. After Sargon, it was a pursuit of passion for me as a group of friends got together to do something really noble if you think about it. We did it with no agendas or prize. We just wanted to help build a community.

Soon we realised that politics are unavoidable and being just ordinary people we failed at a lot of things.

To all the people that support PvP. Continue to support TD, OPvP and any player asking for help. And if you can, support Boot Camp.

In the future Boot Camp may not be relevant to you, but to me it will always matter because its what I see the PvP Community as. Helpful.

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